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High-Cost Hematologic Drug Access

High drug prices are a major issue facing patients with hematologic conditions, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and hemophilia, and ASH continues to identify and advocate for ways to ensure access to safe and effective hematologic drugs. ASH has developed the following resources to help clinicians and patients access high-cost hematologic drugs. If you have any questions about the resources included on the page and/or encounter any access issues, please email Katherine Stark or call at 202-292-0252.

Access Programs for Specific Drugs

Many patients with hematologic conditions require specialty drug treatments that are more expensive than standard medications. Drug manufacturers and some private foundations operate patient assistance programs (PAP) that alleviate high copays and coinsurance for brand name drugs. PAPs are available for the drugs listed below.

Patients should discuss alternative treatment options with their physician before choosing to access brand-name drugs through a PAP. Please note that the Department of Health and Human Services prohibits pharmaceutical manufacturer programs from assisting with the costs of physician-administered drugs covered under Medicare Part B and prescription drugs covered under Part D.

Appeal Letters

See below for template letters of appeal to insurance providers justifying patient coverage for the use of specialty tier drugs. ASH does not endorse any of the treatments described in the letters. These are simply examples of successful appeals for medication coverage.

ASH Consult a Colleague Program

If you have a question regarding a patient who requires a drug you are unable to access, please utilize the ASH Consult a Colleague program.