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Access Programs for Clofarabine

Drug Company Assistance

A healthcare professional can help uninsured and underinsured patients access clofarabine injections through the Sanofi Patient Connection website. Physicians, nurses, or office staff should first register on Patient Connection. A downloadable application must be completed and submitted via fax, mail, or through the Sanofi secure provider portal on the Patient Connection website. Please note that the application has sections that must be filled out by both the provider and patient, and that supporting documentation, such as financial information, may be required.

 Please follow the detailed instructions on the application. If you encounter any problems with registration or have questions about enrolling patients in an assistance program, please call 1-888-847-4877 between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

Foundation Assistance

ASH has not located any foundations that specifically offer assistance for patients requiring clofarabine. If you know of a program or foundation, please contact ASH Policy and Practice Associate, Katherine Stark.