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Join ASH in our relentless pursuit of change, as we actively shape policies that impact the very heart of hematology research and practice. We empower researchers, clinicians, and patients through education, equipping lawmakers, and government officials with the knowledge they need to make a difference. Together, we unite our voice to revolutionize the future of hematology for the better.

Attendees visit exhibits across the exhibit hall.

Research and Public Health Funding

ASH and other members of the biomedical research and public health communities continue to strongly urge Congress to provide increased annual funding for NIH, CDC and other federal public health agencies and programs-increased resources are needed now more than ever.

Blood Transfusion

Access to Palliative Blood Transfusions

Misconceptions about transfusions and limited funds hinder access to patients' end-of-life care. ASH prompts calls for innovative reimbursement models and increased support for palliative transfusions in hospice settings.

Sickle Cells

Sickle Cell Disease Advocacy

Since 2015, ASH has been committed to improving the outcomes for individuals living with SCD through collaborations with federal agencies, the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Maternal Health Care

Maternal Health Care

High maternal mortality rates in the United States, with a particular disparity among non-Hispanic Black women, underscore the need to address hematologic complications in pregnancy. While advocating for diverse maternal perspectives and experiences, ASH stands that no woman should face legal ramifications for childbearing decisions.

We have created advocacy tools, including fact sheets, infographics, and talking points, to support discussions with legislators, serve as “leave behind” documents after meetings, and enhance written and phone communications.


Policy News

Discover the most recent updates and insights in ASH Advocacy articles and news, ensuring you're up-to-date on the latest policy developments.

Policy Statements

Explore ASH's authoritative statements on various aspects of hematology, providing valuable guidance on research, practice, training, and the quality of care within the field.
Two Workers

Testimony and Correspondence

View current and formal congressional testimony and correspondence related to issues affecting hematologists and their patients. 
Congressional Group

The ASH Congressional Fellowship is a year-long opportunity that allows an ASH member to work in a congressional office on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, for an academic year to help shape health care and hematology policy.

ASH ALI 2023

Advocacy Leadership Institute (ALI)

ALI is a two-day workshop in Washington, DC where ASH members can gain a better understanding of the Society, learn about how Congress and health policy impact hematology research and practice, and meet with Members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill.


ASH-FDA Collaboration

This Collaboration is a two-day workshop in Washington, DC, co-hosted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for ASH members to network with FDA staff and learn about clinical and translational research, drug development, and regulatory medicine.