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Access Programs for Bosutinib

Drug Company Assistance

Pfizer RxPathways is a network of prescription assistance programs helping qualified patients receive free or discounted medications.

Bosutinib tablets are listed as a Pfizer Specialty Medicine and can be accessed through the Pfizer RxPathways website. Uninsured patients may be eligible if they meet income criteria; reside in the US, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands; and are receiving treatment by a licensed doctor in the US or Puerto Rico.

For patients who are underinsured or fully insured but facing financial hardship, First Resource may also be able to help if the patient meets certain income guidelines. If eligible, some patients can receive a co-pay card through First Resource to cover full co-pay cost. Even if patients needing bosutinib do not meet the criteria for free medicine or full co-pay coverage, they may still be eligible for the Pfizer RxPathways Savings Card, which can be used to secure discounts within the Pfizer Pfriends pharmacy network. To check eligibility for this program, please call 1-866-706-2400, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM. To find out whether a pharmacy is a member of the network, please use their online search tool.

Another resource is MyPfizerBrands.com, a website that houses the current savings offers on all Pfizer brand medications. Even patients with prescription coverage may find savings through this website.

Foundation Assistance

ASH has not located any foundations that specifically offer assistance for patients requiring bosutinib. If you know of a program or foundation, please contact ASH Policy and Practice Coordinator, Deon Nelson.