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Access Programs for Deferasirox

Drug Company Assistance

The Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation (PAF) can help patients acquire high cost drugs either for free or at reduced process.

For help acquiring deferasirox, visit the online enrollment page, select deferasirox, and fill in the required information. To receive free medication, patients must be US residents, meet income criteria, and not have private or public prescription coverage. Please note that there are exceptions for patients that cannot afford Medicare Part D or B cost sharing.

PAF enrollment is quick, and Novartis recommends that either the patient or provider call 1-888-903-7277 to complete the screening process. Applications can be obtained online, filled out, and faxed to 1-855-817-2711. To apply online, please visit the patient portal and register as a new user.

For patients not meeting the PAF enrollment criteria, the Patient Assistance NOW Oncology (PANO) program may be able to provide information about other funding sources or assisting with denials and appeals. Providers should fill out the PANO form and fax it to 1-888-891-4924.

Foundation Assistance

ASH has not located any foundations that specifically offer assistance for patients requiring deferasirox. If you know of a program or foundation, please contact ASH Policy and Practice Associate, Katherine Stark.