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ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition

Meeting and Presenter Resources

Please review the following resources for the 65th ASH Annual Meeting.

Meeting Resources

Need help maximizing your time at the annual meeting? Use these resources to help you plan your schedule, stay informed, navigate the program, and make the most of your annual meeting experience. These resources include the annual meeting app, ASH Alexa, PosterCast, and more.

On-Site Amenities

ASH provides a variety of on-site resources to help you interact and collaborate with your fellow attendees. Learn more about on-site resources and services for the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Trainee Resources

These activities and services are open only to annual meeting attendees with a blue trainee badge.

Resources for the Disability Community

During the registration process, attendees will have the opportunity to communicate any/all auxiliary needs they may need. Attendees can choose needs related to mobility, hearing, vision, or other.

Annual Meeting Policies and Code of Conduct

Review the rules, regulations, and Code of Conduct for the ASH annual meeting.


65th ASH Annual Meeting Registration

San Diego Convention Center

Registration is now open for members, non-members, groups, exhibitors, and media!

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