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Resources for the Next Generation of Hematologists

ASH Account and Free ASH Membership

Trainees can create a free ASH account to customize their communications preferences and stay up to date on the latest ASH resources, events, and educational opportunities. ASH also offers free membership to medical students, graduate students, and residents so that they can gain access to members-only resources and benefits.

Highlighted Opportunities for Trainees

ASH Awards and Training Programs

Through the ASH Award programs, the Society offers invaluable guidance to medical students, residents, and hematologists in all sub-specialty areas. These opportunities enable individuals to receive mentorship and funding, complete a research project, gain recognition from peers, and ultimately advance their careers in the dynamic field of hematology.

Additional Resources

 Hematology Career Planner

The ASH Trainee Council has developed a career-development tool to assist every hematology trainee, including MD/DO or PhD candidates, in crafting a plan for career success.

Access the Career Planner

Explore the Mystery of Blood

"Explore the Mystery of Blood" Curriculum

"Explore the Mystery of Blood" is a dynamic high school science curriculum designed to spark interest in the fields of science and medicine and to expose students to exciting career opportunities in hematology.


ASH Global Initiatives

ASH provides programs that are designed specifically for hematologists working and residing outside of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Many of the Society's other awards and training programs are also open to international participants.