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Medical Student, Resident, Graduate Student Awards

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) offers both short- and long-term opportunities for aspiring hematologist in medical school or residency to conduct hematology research under the supervision and mentorship of ASH member mentors. Apply for one of the following awards for the chance to conduct hands-on research and jumpstart your career.


This award contributes to the development of the next generation of hematologists by providing research funding for talented first-, second-, and third-year medical students as well as first- and second-year medical residents. Both short- and long-term projects are supported.

ASH Minority Hematology Graduate Award

This award provides funding for students from historically underrepresented minority groups to pursue a career in academic hematology. It is open to doctoral students in their first, second, or third year of graduate school at the time of application.

ASH Minority Medical Student Award Program

This award is designed to introduce minority medical students to hematology and hematology research through a summer project (2-3 months), flexible project, or full-time, yearlong project.

ASH Medical Student Physician-Scientist Award

During this immersive, yearlong project for first-, second-, and third-year medical students, participants conduct laboratory, translational, or clinical hematology research.

ASH Minority Resident Hematology Award Program

This award, for first- and second-year medical residents, provides additional exposure to the field of hematology and an opportunity to conduct hands-on hematology research.

ASH Graduate Hematology Award (New)

This award encourages graduate students in the United States and Canada to pursue a career in academic hematology by providing funding for students conducting research on hematology-focused projects and is open to doctoral students in their first, second, or third year of graduate school at the time of application.

New! Ash virtual office hours

Office Hours

ASH is offering virtual office hours for prospective award applicants and mentors. Speak with a volunteer leader one on one about grant writing tips and gain invaluable insight about what award may be the best fit for you from a diverse network of mentors.

Office hours are held in English and Spanish (where available). Sign up for a session today to provide ample time to prepare your application before the award deadlines in the new year!

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