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Press Kit

Meeting Rules and Policies

Media Policies

Please review our Annual Meeting Media Policies, which apply to all reporters (whether covering the meeting on-site or via the annual meeting virtual platform).

Embargo Policy

By accepting ASH annual meeting media credentials, reporters are agreeing to the ASH embargo policy. Note that in the 2023 press program, there are two embargoed press briefings, namely the selected late-breaking abstracts and the virtual briefing on health disparities. Please see the press briefing schedule page for more details.

Exception to Embargo Policy - SEC Regulations

In certain situations, a publicly traded company may be advised by legal counsel that certain data from the abstract must be disclosed to the public prior to the public release of the abstracts in order to comply with requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a corresponding regulatory body in the country where the company's stock is traded. Under such extenuating circumstances, ASH may grant an exception to its embargo rules and allow the company to release limited top line-data (i.e., general findings with no additional analysis, commentary, investigator quotes, etc.) from the abstract without jeopardizing its eligibility for presentation at the annual meeting.

As outlined in the ASH embargo policy, ASH evaluates these requests on a case-by-case basis. As of 11/15/23, the following abstracts were granted embargo exception requests:


The Society reserves the right to bar, from this and future annual meetings, anyone who violates our press policies, including those who attempt to obtain advertising or subscriptions from any exhibitor or registrant, who deliberately promote the marketing objectives of a single company or institution, or who misuse media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits.