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ASH Annual Meeting Press Policies

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Annual Meeting Embargo Policy

By accepting ASH annual meeting media credentials, reporters are agreeing to the ASH embargo policy.

In-Person Meeting Participation

This section only pertains to those who have requested and received email confirmation for in-person media registration. If you have been approved for virtual-only registration but you need to request access to the in-person meeting, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

Health and Safety

COVID-19 vaccination is not required but is encouraged, for in-person meeting attendees traveling to San Diego for the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. The wearing of protective masks is encouraged, but optional. We encourage you to monitor the Health and Safety Information webpage to stay abreast of any updates.

Media Registration

There will be no on-site media registration. If you require access to the in-person meeting, you must indicate in-person (with virtual access) when you make your initial media registration request. You must request this option prior to the closing of the media registration portal on November 29.

NOTE: For those requesting in-person credentials, the on-site ASH press working room, briefing room, and interview rooms (Press Complex) will be located in the Manchester Grand Hyatt. While in a different building, the Press Complex will be an even shorter distance (10-15 minute walk) to the main halls of the convention center than last year and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful San Diego sunshine. The Press Complex will have remote viewing areas available, and all food will be provided in boxed/portable containers for maximum flexibility.

Media Badges

You are required to wear the Society’s media badge at all times while on site, both at the convention center and the Manchester Grand Hyatt, throughout the annual meeting. Instructions on picking up your press badge will be shared with registered reporters via email in advance of the meeting.

Media badges are non-transferable. Registered media who give their badges to other individuals seeking access to the ASH annual meeting or press working room risk having their media credentials revoked and access to future ASH meetings denied.

Session Access

Media must wear their badges to attend sessions. All non-ticketed sessions, including education sessions, abstract sessions, and special lectures at the annual meeting, are open to the media. In addition, media may attend the Friday Satellite Symposia. The backstage area of the general session room is not accessible to media.

Press Complex

The Press Complex is located in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, a 10-15 minute walk from the San Diego Convention Center. The Press Complex will have remote viewing areas available, and all food will be provided in boxed/portable containers for maximum flexibility.

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Press working room

Only registered media may access the press working room located in the Manchester Grand Hyatt. A badge indicating working room access is required to enter. Due to room capacity limits, media are requested not to leave their belongings in the room when they are not there. ASH is not responsible for belongings left in the press working room. Media using the press room are asked to keep noise at a minimum to ensure a quiet working space for others.

Press briefing room

Your media badge is required to enter the press briefings, all of which will take place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. As a courtesy to the presenters and other media, please enter the room before the briefing begins and do not slam the door if you need to leave during the presentations. Presenters and other experts will be available for interviews following the press briefings. As stated in the photography policies, live streaming the press briefings is prohibited.

Interview rooms (by appointment only)

On-site media may reserve interview rooms at the Manchester Grand Hyatt for a maximum of two hours a day in advance of the meeting. Based on availability, additional time may be reserved on site at the meeting. All interviews are scheduled in 30-minute increments and are only for the purposes of editorial news coverage.

Use of these rooms is subject to availability. Starting in late November (date to come), please contact the ASH media staff at [email protected] or 202-828-5066 to reserve an interview room. Please contact us with any special requests related to media facilities above and beyond what is provided by ASH; these must be made in writing no less than 60 days prior to the annual meeting and must be approved by the Society.

Media interviews are also allowed to take place within the confines of an exhibiting company’s booth, so long as the rules of the ASH exhibit hall are observed, including the photography policy.

Filming in the convention center and press complex at the grand hyatt

Media may film and conduct interviews in public areas of the convention center (not in session rooms) and at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Media must comply with requests from convention center security or event staff if requested to move. A designated filming space will be blocked off in the hallway outside of the press areas in the Grand Hyatt. Media are strongly encouraged to have a sign so that they can be easily identified by meeting attendees joining them for interviews.

Virtual Meeting Platform Access

All media registered for the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting will have access to all non-ticketed sessions broadcast simultaneously and available on-demand on the annual meeting virtual platform, including Education and Scientific Program sessions, oral abstract presentations, and special lectures.

You will not be able to access the virtual meeting platform unless you have received your media confirmation email from [email protected].

Photography, Video, and Audio Recording

Registered media must follow the official ASH annual meeting policy on Photography and Recording of Copyrighted Material that applies to all attendees. In summary, registered media may:

  • Photograph, video and/or audio record official ASH press briefings. However, livestreaming of the press briefings is strictly prohibited to maintain exclusivity of the briefings.
  • Take screen shots of the virtual platform for publication.
  • Record audio of the sessions and poster presentations for their personal use (not for publication).
  • Take photos and record audio in the session rooms and poster hall for their personal use. Photos and/or audio recordings must be captured in a non-disruptive manner so as not to disturb the presenter and other attendees.
  • Video record in public areas of the convention center. Media must receive prior approval and receive a camera tag at media registration check-in on site in the press working room located in the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Livestreaming of any annual meeting materials, including all presentations and posters, is strictly prohibited. Video recording of sessions and poster presentations is also strictly prohibited, with the exception of press briefings.

Social media: Sharing unembargoed screenshots of presenter slides on social media during the meeting is permitted, but the post must give attribution to the study author/presenter.

Disclaimer: ASH will have professional photographers present at the meeting, and portions of the meeting will be recorded. Any photographs or recordings taken during the meeting may be used in future ASH publications, online, or in other ASH materials. Attendance or participation in the meeting constitutes an agreement with ASH by the registrant for the Society to use and distribute the registrant's image or voice in photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, or other electronic media pertaining to the ASH annual meeting events and activities. Credentialed media/press will also attend the meeting and have permission to capture photos, video, and audio in public areas of the convention center. Registered media attendees are required to always display their press badge and camera tags while on site at the meeting.

Copyright Policy

Materials presented at the ASH annual meeting, including slides, audio and video, abstracts, and posters, are protected by copyright and may not be publicly displayed or republished without express written permission from the copyright owner (with the exception of the press briefings). Please read the ASH annual meeting policy on Photography and Recording of Copyrighted Material for more details.


All registered media will have access to the annual meeting platform’s networking tool to contact presenters directly for interview requests starting December 6 (when the platform opens). How-to information will be shared with registered reporters in advance of the meeting.

ASH media staff can help arrange interviews with researchers whose work is featured in the press program, as well as ASH spokespeople. Please note that all pre-meeting interviews follow ASH’s embargo policy. Both on-site and virtual reporters can request assistance from ASH staff by emailing [email protected].

Use of ASH Logo

Displaying the ASH logo, such as on an outlet’s website or publication, or displaying the ASH logo in a custom-designed virtual interview background, is strictly prohibited.

Violation of ASH Policies by Reporters

The Society reserves the right to refuse or revoke media credentials and/or bar, from this and future annual meetings, anyone who violate these press policies, or who misuse media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Transferring your badge/media credentials to any other individual
  • Sharing embargoed presentations or access to online press kit, or access to press briefings on the annual meeting virtual platform
  • Misrepresentation of their role or activities to obtain media registration
  • Misusing media access on behalf of publications not disclosed in the media registration request, or not writing for the credentialed outlet
  • Attempting to obtain advertising or subscriptions from any exhibitor or registrant
  • Deliberately promoting the marketing objectives of a single company or institution
  • Use of the ASH logo on an outlet’s website, publication, or virtual step-and-repeat banner
  • Violating ASH’s embargo policy
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