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Annual Meeting Press

ASH Annual Meeting Media Registration and Eligibility Requirements

NOTE: For those requesting in-person credentials, the on-site ASH press working room, briefing room, and interview rooms (Press Complex) will be located in the Manchester Grand Hyatt. While in a different building, the Press Complex will be an even shorter distance (10-15 minute walk) to the main halls of the convention center than last year and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful San Diego sunshine. The Press Complex will have remote viewing areas available, and all food will be provided in boxed/portable containers for maximum flexibility.

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Before submitting your registration request, please review the media registration options and eligibility requirements on this page. You are required to agree to the ASH Annual Meeting Press Policies before submitting your registration request. To register, you must use your ASH account. If you do not have an ASH account, you will be prompted to create one.

Once your request is submitted, you will receive an email requesting the documentation needed to process your media credentials. Please note that your registration is not final until you submit the required documentation and receive a confirmation email. Please complete your registration early. Media requesting credentials must provide all necessary documentation prior to the meeting.

Media Registration opens August 9 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time.

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Media Registration Options

ASH will offer two media registration options for the 2023 annual meeting. When submitting a registration request, you must pick one of the following options:

  • In-person (with virtual access): Cover the annual meeting on site in San Diego, California, and receive extended access (through February 1, 2024) to annual meeting sessions via the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting virtual platform.
  • Virtual Only: Receive extended access (through February 1, 2024) to all broadcast and on-demand annual meeting sessions via the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting virtual platform. Most sessions offered at the in-person meeting will be broadcast simultaneously on the virtual platform, and attendees will have the ability to ask questions and participate in real-time. The platform will also include on-demand recordings of all sessions (unless otherwise noted).

Please complete your request for registration early if you require on-site access to the ASH annual meeting as space will be limited. Should your plans or ability to travel to San Diego change, please contact [email protected] or 202-828-5066 as soon as possible to modify your request for media credentials.

Health and Safety

COVID-19 vaccination is not required but is encouraged, for in-person meeting attendees traveling to San Diego for the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. The wearing of protective masks is encouraged, but optional. We encourage you to monitor the Health and Safety Information webpage to stay abreast of any updates.

Benefits for Registered Media

The following benefits are offered to credentialed members of the media for the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting:

  • Complimentary annual meeting registration and access to the annual meeting virtual platform (December 6 through February 1, 2024)
  • Access to embargoed press kit materials in addition to annual meeting abstracts.
  • Admission to press briefings (in person and streamed to credentialed press on the virtual platform).
  • Admission to ASH sessions (except ticketed sessions).
  • Access to session recordings and the virtual meeting platform until February 1, 2024.
  • Interview opportunities with presenters and other experts.
  • Access to on-site press working room and interview rooms (on-site reporters only)*

*Please note: Access to the press working room and interview rooms requires on-site credentials and is based on room capacity limits to ensure compliance with convention center safety rules.

Eligibility Requirements

ASH considers an accredited news organization to be one that features original, editorial news coverage that has editorial freedom from advertisers and/or sponsors, and in which advertisers and/or sponsors are clearly identified as such.

Press credentials for the in-person meeting are limited to two representatives per outlet unless an exception is granted. If additional representatives are requested, ASH will consider providing limited on-site access (not access to the press working room) or virtual-only media credentials.

Special Considerations

The following registration requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis:

  • Non-Writing Editors: Editorial staff participating in the annual meeting for the sole purpose of providing editorial direction must submit a letter verifying assignment to the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting on the letterhead of the news organization being represented with the request for either in-person or virtual-only registration as well as a copy of the publication (electronic) and coverage from last year’s ASH annual meeting, if applicable. If you represent an international media outlet, please also provide a copy of your accredited press pass. If you do not have media identification, then you must provide a masthead of the publication with your name and title.
  • Nonprofit or Patient Advocacy Newsletters: Newsletters that are regularly published and primarily cover hematology/oncology-related news are eligible to have one journalist credentialed. (Single-sponsored, investment, corporate, and institutional newsletters do not qualify.)
  • Documentary Film Crews, Video Production Companies, Videographers, and Crew must submit a written request to [email protected] at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting that includes information about the company, the purpose of attending the annual meeting, synopsis of film/video/documentary project, and information on the editorial/financial supporters of the project.
  • Online Publications and Bloggers: Journalists reporting for online-only media outlets must work for a news organization or blog that meets the following criteria:
    • Must represent an independent website that posts original, editorial news coverage on a regular basis and not just around medical meetings
    • Must submit evidence of current hematology/oncology-related content on website that has been published regularly over the past year
    • Must have been in continuous operation for at least six months
    • Registrants may be asked to submit website traffic data (e.g., Google Analytics, etc.)

The following representatives are not eligible for media credentials for the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting:

  • Editors, writers, and scientific advisory board members for journals that do not have editorial news sections
  • Companies or organizations producing publications, videos, and/or other electronic media intended for internal use, marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations purposes
  • Financial analysts
  • Sales, advertising, marketing, or public relations personnel
  • Representatives from companies that post videos of scientific sessions for medical education purposes, including creating continuing medical education (CME) or other commercial content (e.g., webcasts, online or printed educational modules, etc.)
  • Representatives from single-sponsored, investment, corporate, and institutional newsletters
  • Bloggers who write for company-sponsored blogs in which the blogger is paid to publish posts or content that may be created by advertisers

Please contact ASH media staff at [email protected] or 202-828-5066 with special requests.

Required Materials

Once registration has been requested, you will receive an automated email from [email protected] with instructions for uploading materials that are required to process your registration. Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.

You must submit the following materials to receive media credentials:

  1. Letter verifying assignment to the 2023 ASH Annual Meeting on the letterhead of the news organization being represented and if the assignment is for in-person or virtual credentials
  2. Three bylined hematology/oncology-related articles or links to produced video/broadcast clips published within the last year, or coverage from last year’s ASH annual meeting, if applicable
  3. For international media only: Media identification such as an international, accredited press pass or an official media-outlet-issued credential
  • U.S.-based media must submit items 1 and 2 listed above
  • International media must submit items 1, 2, and 3 listed above as well as a copy of the publication (electronic or hard copy)
    • Citizens of some foreign countries will need a visa to enter the United States and attend the ASH annual meeting in person. Because of high demand during the summer months in the United States, there can be delays in the visa application system. It is critical that international attendees apply for a visa as early as possible. View the visa application process.

Please note that your registration is not final until you submit the required documentation and you receive a confirmation email. Should your plans or ability to travel to San Diego change, please contact us at [email protected] to modify your request for media credentials.