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A Virtual Experience

Partner Organizations

ASH is pleased to conduct the 2021 Highlights of ASH in conjunction with the following hematology societies from around the world. Members of Partner Organizations can register at the ASH member rate for the meeting.

Asian-Pacific Partners

  • Hematology Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • Hematology Society of Taiwan
  • Hong Kong Society of Hematology
  • Indonesian Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
  • Japanese Society of Hematology
  • Malaysian Society of Hematology
  • Myanmar Society of Hematology
  • Philippine Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion
  • Singapore Society of Hematology
  • Sri Lanka College of Hematologists
  • Thai Society of Hematology
  • Vietnam Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

Latin American Partners

  • Asociación Colombiana de Hematología y Oncología
  • Asociación Costarricense de Hematología
  • Associação Brasileira de Hematologia, Hemoterapia e Terapia Celular
  • Sociedad Boliviana de Hematología y Hemoterapia
  • Sociedad Chilena de Hematología
  • Sociedad de Hematología del Uruguay
  • Sociedad Panameña de Hematología
  • Sociedad Paraguaya de Hematología y Hemoterapia
  • Sociedad Peruana de Hematología

Mediterranean Partners

  • Armenian Hematology Association
  • Egyptian Society of Hematology and Research
  • Israel Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
  • Romanian Society of Hematology
  • Saudi Society of Hematology
  • Société Marocaine d'Hématologie
  • Turkish Society of Hematology

North American Partners

  • Alabama Cancer Congress
  • Association of Northern California Oncologists
  • Empire State Hematology & Oncology Society
  • Hawaii Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Illinois Medical Oncology Society
  • Indiana Oncology Society
  • Iowa Oncology Society
  • Kansas Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Louisiana Oncology Society
  • Minnesota Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Missouri Oncology Society
  • Montana State Oncology Society
  • Nevada Oncology Society
  • New Mexico Society of Clinical Oncology
  • North Carolina Oncology Association
  • Rocky Mountain Oncology Society
  • South Carolina Oncology Society
  • Tennessee Oncology Practice Society
  • Texas Society of Clinical Oncology
  • The Arizona Clinical Oncology Society
  • Society of Utah Medical Oncologists
  • Virginia Association of Hematologists and Oncologists
  • West Virginia Oncology Society
  • Wisconsin Association of Hematology and Oncology
  • Wyoming State Oncology Society