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Resources for the Disability Community

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ASH Disabilities Concierge

Leading up to the meeting and while on site in San Diego, ASH staff will check in periodically with meeting attendees on their meeting experience. In addition, if attendees need assistance during the meeting, they can contact [email protected] for anything they may need.

Quiet Rooms

Quiet Rooms have been designated in the San Diego Convention Center, where attendees may relax or take a break from the pace of the meeting. These rooms are also used for non-denominational religious meditation or prayer (which could require gender-specific spaces).


  • Female Room – Show Office G, San Diego Convention Center, Upper Front of Hall G
  • Male Room – Show Office H, San Diego Convention Center, Upper Front of Hall H

65th ASH Annual Meeting Registration

San Diego Convention Center

Registration is now open for members, non-members, groups, exhibitors, and media!

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