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Meeting and Presenter Resources

Resources for the Disability Community

ASH is committed to offering an inclusive meeting environment for all participants, including a focus on making the in-person meeting in San Diego and the virtual meeting platform as accessible for participants with disabilities. ASH encourages all individuals in the disability community to travel to San Diego for this year’s annual meeting with confidence knowing that you will have the support from a dedicated team and a collection of resources designed to facilitate your successful participation. The ASH Annual Meeting is the largest and most important gathering of hematologists in the world, and the staff are ready to deliver resources to help you fully engage.

ASH’s goal is to be inclusive and accommodating to all attendees. If there are additional suggestions or needs you may have, or would like to provide feedback on how ASH can continue to improve this effort, please send an email to [email protected].

Tell Us What You Need

During the registration process, attendees will have the opportunity to communicate any/all auxiliary needs they may need. Attendees can choose needs related to mobility, hearing, vision, or other.

If one or more of these options are chosen, staff will contact attendees directly to learn more details about your specific requirements. Staff will guide you on how to utilize the services already provided, or to seek your input about additional ways that ASH can support you and others. Our goal is to remove any barriers to allow all participants’ focus to remain on the great science and networking opportunities this year’s meeting will offer.

This year, ASH will offer the following services: