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Resources for the Disability Community

Hearing Services

ASH Disabilities Concierge

Leading up to the meeting and while on site in San Diego, ASH staff will check in periodically with meeting attendees on their meeting experience. In addition, if attendees need assistance during the meeting, they can contact [email protected] for anything they may need.

Session Room Seating

In all session rooms, there will be dedicated, reserved seating at the front of the room for attendees to be close to the stage and the presenters. If all reserved seats have been taken, please see the room monitor at the entrance door for assistance.

Closed Captioning on ASH Virtual Meeting Platform

The virtual meeting platform enables closed captioning for all sessions. Each individual user can turn this technology feature on or off at will. Text in English will appear when a speaker at the lectern makes their presentation. In-person participants may also use this feature in a session room by bringing a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with them, and connecting to the virtual meeting platform. Please remember to mute the speakers of the device being used so the audio will not disturb other participants nearby.

Interpreter for Sign Language

For attendees in need of hearing services to navigate the meeting, ASH recommends contacting an ASL Sign Language Interpreter. The following companies are located in San Diego; attendees are responsible for the fees associated with their services.


American Language Services (ASL)

Deaf Community Services of San Diego

Closed Captioning on ASH News TV

All televisions broadcasting ASH News TV throughout the meeting will have the closed captioning feature on.