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Global Impact

Global Impact

31,000 Newborns Screened  12 Global Research Award Recipients

ASH continued to expand its global programs and services in 2023 through awards, training programs, and initiatives that help hematologists worldwide conquer blood diseases.

The Consortium on Newborn Screening in Africa (CONSA) continued to grow in 2023. CONSA helps institutions in seven African countries diagnose and link children with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) into care. Through this program, over 100,000 babies have been screened, and babies identified with SCD have been enrolled in a clinical protocol to receive critical follow-up care. In 2023 alone, over 31,000 babies were screened across all sites. Most of these cases were registered using a new offline data collection app that sites employ to reduce resources and costs associated with traditional paper-based methods. In September, laboratory staff from each CONSA site met in Accra, Ghana to review standard operating procedures and build laboratory capacity.


ASH Global Research Awards

The ASH Global Research Award was designed to support future international scientific leaders, increase hematology capacity, and nurture global collaboration. ASH awarded the Global Research Award to 12 recipients this year in 10 countries, including China, Italy, and Argentina.

“The ASH Visitor Training Program [has been] the highlight of my hematology career. Having a hands-on mentor with the same interests in hematology and medical education was just wonderful. [This experience] has been instrumental in building connections within the world of hematology.”

Deonne Thaddeus Gauiran, MD / 2019 VTP Awardee (Philippines) / Mentor: Luke Chen, MD, MEd, University of British Colombia, Vancouver