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Join ASH in Recognizing the Profound Effect Your Mentor Has Had on Your Career

A mentor is one of the most influential figures in the life of an aspiring doctor. As we continue to make great strides in the field of hematology, it is important for us to look back and honor those who paved the way for us - those brilliant clinicians and researchers upon whose work we build our progress towards conquering blood diseases.

A gift to ASH in your mentor's name will not only serve as a tribute to the career of the hematologist who was instrumental in developing your own, but will also help the American Society of Hematology continue to establish and facilitate future mentor/trainee relationships through our Clinical Research Training Institute, Minority Recruitment Initiative, Global Programs, and other research awards. Both your gift and your mentor will be recognized in our annual report. Thank you for considering supporting ASH and honoring your mentor with this special tribute.

Ernest Beutler, MD

Ernest Beutler, MD

"In 1968, my mentor Dr. Ernest Beutler began to advise and guide me in my career as a physician and investigator. Over the past four decades there has hardly been a day during which the experience which I had gained from my mentor has not influenced me in a smaller or larger way in professional or personal matters. How can I thank my role model and mentor?

There is no better way for all of us to express our gratitude to those who have taught us than to participate in the 'honor your mentor' program of ASH - a great way to show your appreciation."

- Karl G. Blume, MD, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine