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Resources for Hematology Fellows

Grants Clearinghouse: Searchable Grant Database Available for Hematology Trainees

Obtaining funding support for research is crucial, and competition for it has never been greater. In addition to federal organizations, support opportunities from nonprofit foundations are growing; however, not many of us are aware about all existing options. To meet the need of hematology trainees in finding funding opportunities, the ASH Trainee Council has developed the Grants Clearinghouse database, which allows a comprehensive search for grant opportunities. Rather than going through the painstaking process of searching different foundations, we have made an effort to actively solicit information from more than 120 funding options for trainees at all career levels and/or junior faculty.

Search filters, which currently include grant name, sponsor, citizenship, and eligibility, make navigation quick and easy; each grant listed includes a brief description as well as additional detailed information such as sponsor, grant term, funding amount, and grant duration. In the coming weeks, additional filters will be added so that you will also be able to filter grants by location, specialty, research type, or funding type. We encourage our fellow trainees to take advantage of this valuable resource. Access the Grants Clearinghouse online. You can also submit grant opportunities through the ASH website.