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Resources for Hematology Fellows

Preparing for Life After Fellowship: The Hematology Job Search

Planning in advance is important to ensure a successful transition to independent practice. Resources such as Career Timelines on the ASH website can assist you in this crucial step of your transition.

Another essential piece of the process is the curriculum vitae (CV). Update your CV during the end of your second year of fellowship and ask others to provide feedback. Most positions also require a cover letter, which should be brief. Outline your career goals, and highlight key areas of your CV applicable to each specific position.

Sometimes, the hardest part of the job search is finding open positions. Unlike medical school, residency, and the fellowship application process, post-fellowship job postings are not standardized. Available positions appear in journals and online databases, while others are only discovered through word of mouth. Some private practice and hospital-based positions will use search firms to advertise their availability, and former co-fellows may often hear about positions before they are advertised. One great resource is the ASH Job Center, which allows you to search for positions by type and by geographic location.

With more employers evaluating a potential employee’s social media presence, take a moment to go through your various accounts to make sure your online persona is up-to-date and professional.

Once the job has been offered, review your contract personally prior to signing to ensure that any verbal agreements previously discussed are included. Also consider having an attorney review the offer for items such as non-competition clauses, productivity evaluation, benefits, and due process.