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ASH Clinical Practice Guidelines

ASH SCD Guidelines: Cerebrovascular Disease

In 2016, ASH initiated an effort to develop clinical practice guidelines on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). These guidelines are part of a series of five guidelines ASH is developing on SCD to provide updated treatment guidelines that reflect the newest evidence about the disease, ensuring the medical community can better treat SCD and people with SCD can make the best decisions for their care.

Access the full guidelines on the Blood Advances website:

American Society of Hematology 2020 guidelines for sickle cell disease: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cerebrovascular disease in children and adults

Guideline Implementation Tools and Resources

ASH guidelines are reviewed annually by expert work groups convened by ASH. Resources derived from guidelines that require updating are removed from the ASH website.

SCD Guidelines: What You Should Know

This one-page snapshot provides a high-level summary of evidence-based treatment guidelines for sickle cell disease complications that affect brain, including risk of strokes and other neurological complications for both children and adults.

ASH Clinical Practice Guidelines App

The ASH Clinical Practice Guidelines App provides easy access to every recommendation from all guidelines published by ASH, including rationale for each recommendation, benefits and harms associated with each recommended course of action, and links to the complete evidence-to-decision tables used to develop the recommendations. This app is also available via web interface.

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Pocket Guides

ASH has developed a series of brief, evidence-based pocket guides to help physicians provide quality care to patients. The pocket guides are available via the ASH Pocket Guides App for IOS and Android devices. This app is also available via web interface.

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Teaching Slides

Help your colleagues manage cerebrovascular disease with the following teaching slides designed for easy dissemination:

  • Teaching slides on managing cerebrovascular disease
    Powerpoint | PDF