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ASH Quality Care and Education Fund

Ensuring clinicians stay informed of the latest developments in hematology is key to improving both quality of care and patient safety. However, there is often a lack of information or little access to available educational resources, which can have negative implications on diagnosis and treatment. It is imperative for health care professionals who care for patients with hematologic diseases to be aware of current best practices, including when to use certain tests, treatments, and procedures.

As part of its commitment to ensuring that the practice of hematology is characterized by high professional standards and reliance on evidence, ASH offers a number of evidence-based quality-assurance resources aimed at helping practitioners improve the quality of hematologic care provided to patients.

Quality Care Programs

How You Can Help

Your donation to the ASH Quality Care and Education Fund will support the Society’s efforts to improve the quality of hematologic patient care.

Because of strong institutional support from ASH, 100 percent of all charitable donations to the ASH Foundation directly benefit programs sponsored by ASH and are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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