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Trainees listen to a speaker during an ASH Talk.


ASH Talks

The ASH Talk sessions will be 18- to 20-minute presentations, similar to a TED Talk, with dynamic speakers presenting timely topics.

Trainees visit a Blood Drops station.


Blood Drops

The Blood Drop sessions are five to 10-minute presentations designed to provide short bursts of learning. Each micro-learning session will be done twice in a row and will allow the audience to move easily between each presentation.

Trainees speak with experts one on one about hematology topics.


Blood Buddies

In-person trainees will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the field! Trainees can sign up for a one-on-one Blood Buddy 10-minute mentoring session with a faculty member.

A trainee practices extracting bone marrow from a dummy at ASH-a-Palooza.


Blood Booths

Trainees will have the opportunity to explore interactive booths at ASH-a-Palooza. Chat with peers, take part in live training sessions, learn from experts, and more!