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Write Your New Jersey Legislators to Support Patients' Access to Care

Vital access to care legislation has passed both chambers of the New Jersey Legislature and has been sent to the Governor’s desk. This legislation, A.2431, would ensure patients have access to the life-saving medication prescribed to them by their physicians and will place maximums on the out-of-pocket (OOP) costs that patients can be required to pay for each prescription medication, regardless of the disease. The legislation caps patient OOP costs for prescription medications within state regulated plans and would dramatically improve affordability for patients without significantly altering the existing insurance marketplace. This bill has already passed the New Jersey Assembly in March by a 77-1 vote and unanimously passed the full Senate on December 16. Now, the bill is facing its final hurtle and must be signed into law by Governor Murphy before the end of the current legislative session on January 13. Your help is needed to urge the Governor to sign A. 2431 and turn this critical legislation into law.

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