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Reach Out to Congress

Contact Your Legislators to Address Drug Shortages in Hematology and Oncology Care

Drug shortages are reaching an all-time high in the United States, especially in hematology and oncology care. These shortages of critical hematology therapies continue to lead to delays in care, negatively affect treatment decisions, cause rationing of care, create emotional distress for patients and families, and lead to worse health outcomes. ASH continues to update the Hematologic Drug Shortage Information webpage to keep members apprised of shortages and also continues to work with Congress, federal agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure continued access to safe and effective hematologic drugs.

As a member of the ASH Grassroot Network, we need you to reach out to your elected officials and to urge Congress to examine how to help address drug shortages that are reaching an all-time peak. ASH understands that the causes of drug shortages are multiple and complex and that here is not a single solution. As different remedies are considered, it is important for Congress to hear about the impact these shortages are having on patient care and the need for Congress to work with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and stakeholders to help prevent or mitigate future drug and medical device shortages.

Please take a moment to enter your information below to quickly send a message to Congress; we encourage you to add information about any specific shortages you may be encountering. Thank you for your help in making sure Congress hears from hematologists about the devastating impact these shortages are having on hematology care and the need to act.