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Reach Out to Congress

Contact Congress in Support of FY 2025 Funding for CDC Sickle Cell Disease Efforts

On March 11, President Biden released his Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 budget proposal, which included a request for $10 million for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Sickle Cell Data Collection program. This program collects and analyzes longitudinal data about people living in the U.S. with SCD. Currently eleven states participate in the data collection program, with data being collected from multiple sources (e.g., newborn screening programs and Medicaid) in order to create individual healthcare utilization profiles.

While ASH appreciates the funding Congress has previously provided the program and the President’s request for the upcoming year, there is still a significant unmet need for public health activities and data collection to better understand and address the long-term health outcomes, complications, and care needs of people living with SCD. Strengthening and expanding current efforts will help enable individuals living with this disease to receive adequate care and treatment.

As Congress begins consideration of the FY 2025 budget, it is important for your legislators to hear from you about the importance of programs such as the CDC Sickle Cell Data Collection program.

Please take a moment to send an email to your elected officials urging them to support this important program by clicking on the link below. Your efforts will not take much time but are critical to showing your legislators that this issue matters to constituents.