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Committee on Training

Hematology-Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Thomas Abshire (Blood Center of Wisconsin)
Michael Linenberger (University of Washington)
Rakhi Naik (Johns Hopkins)

Appointed Members
Nathan Connell, MD, MPH (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)
Alternate: Colleen Morton, MD (Vanderbilt University)
Alison Loren, MD (University of Pennsylvania)
Alternate: Hetty Carraway, MD, MBA (Cleveland Clinic)
Andrew Schafer, MD (Weill Cornell University)
Alternate: Nigel Key, MD (University of North Carolina Hospitals)
Laura De Castro, MD, MSc (University of Pittsburgh)
Alternate: John J. Strouse, MD, PhD (Duke University School of Medicine)
Christine Kempton, MD, MSc (Emory University)
Alternate: Margaret Ragni, MD, MPH (University of Pittsburgh)
Marquita Nelson, MD (University of Chicago)
Alternate: Deva Sharma, MD, MS (Vanderbilt University)
Casey O’Connell, MD (University of Southern California)
Alternate: Thomas Deloughery, MD (Oregon Health and Science University)
Mark Udden, MD (Baylor College of Medicine)

Additional Alternate: Brady Stein, MD (Northwestern University)

Committee Mandate

The ASH Summit on Increasing U.S. Single-Board Training Tracks in Hematology was held in 2020 and brought together subject matter experts and key stakeholders to identify ASH’s role in fostering the creation and sustainment of adult hematology single-track programs in the United States. Attendees discussed the possibility of ASH supporting 10 hematology-focused fellowship programs for future academic hematologists. The Hematology-Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee – under the auspices of the Committee on Training – was established to develop timelines, funding models, an application process, selection criteria, and an evaluation process. Since the fellowship program is proposed for three years, appointment to the subcommittee requires a three-year term, with the opportunity for reappointment.

Members of the Hematology-Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee are required to participate in conference calls throughout the year and attend at least one meeting annually. The Co-Chairs of the Hematology-Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee serve as liaison members of the Committee on Training and are expected to attend the meetings of that committee.