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About ASH

Trainee Council

Committee Roster

Kaitlyn  C Dykes, MD, BS  ('25)

Appointed Members
Nowah  Kokou Apeadoufia Afangbedji, PhD  ('25)
Damilola Akani, MD  ('26)
Donovan  Alexander Argueta, PhD  ('26)
Siobhan Branfield, MD  ('25)
Henna Butt, MD  ('25)
Sydney Dunn-Valadez, MD  ('25)
Jeffrey Edwards, MD, MPH  ('26)
Emily  C. Liang, MD  ('25)
Ryan  M Mack, BSc  ('26)
Agrima Mian, MD, MBBS  ('26)
William Nicol, MBBS, BSc  ('25)
Andres Noyola-Perez, MD  ('26)
Miriam Osei, MD, MPH  ('25)
Kolton Smith, DO  ('25)
Charlotte Story, MD  ('26)
Jenna  B Thibodeau, BS  ('26)
Natalia  M Tijaro Ovalle, MD  ('26)
Christopher  Mwaniki Wanjiku, MD  ('26)

Hetty  Eileen Carraway, MD, MBA  ('24)  - Chair, Committee on Training
Leidy  Lismeris Isenalumhe, MD, MS  ('27)  - Member, Committee on Training
Barbara Lam, MD  ('27)  - Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence

Staff Liaison
Annette Ben-Tzvi, MEd

Committee Mandate

The Trainee Council provides a forum for hematology fellows to discuss issues relevant to fellowship training and career development. The council reports to the Committee on Training regarding matters of concern to trainees and provides suggestions regarding programs that may increase interest in hematology. The council assists in the evaluation of various ASH programs and assists in the development and revision of educational materials as needed.


The Trainee Council Chair is selected by the members of the council with the approval of the ASH Executive Committee. The incoming chair first serves as vice chair for the duration of the sitting chair’s term. The Trainee Council Vice Chair is invited to attend the ASH Executive Committee Spring Retreat in May prior to becoming chair. The Trainee Council Chair serves as a liaison member of the Committee on Training and Recruitment and Retention Working Group and is expected to attend the meetings of those groups.


Members of the Trainee Council are chosen by the Committee on Training liaisons and the Trainee Council Vice Chair with the approval of the ASH Executive Committee. Members serve a two-year (non-renewable) term beginning July 1 and concluding on June 30, and are required to participate in at least one conference call and attend two meetings per year. The council is composed of:


·        Nine second-year and third-year physician fellows (including one pediatric hematology/oncology fellow)

·         Two PhD researchers

·         One third-year and fourth-year physician fellow

·         Two medical student (MD, DO, MD/PhD)

·         Two PhD student in a hematology laboratory

·         Two resident (MD, DO, MD/PhD enrolled in a duly accredited residency program related to hematology that may lead to hematology-related practice)

·         Two clinical or post-doctoral fellow from outside of North America


The Trainee Council structure also includes the chair and one member of the Committee on Training who serve as liaisons for terms congruent to their service on the parent committee. A current member of the Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence who is a trainee actively involved in artificial intelligence serves as a liaison member of the Trainee Council.


Members of the Trainee Council serve as liaison members of the following groups and are expected to attend their meetings:


·         Committee on Communications

·         Committee on Quality

·         Hematology Review Series Task Force

·         Hematology Mentorship Oversight Working Group

·         Task Force on PhD Careers in Hematology

·         Women in Hematology Working Group


Also, a current member of the Trainee Council also serves on the Well-Being and Resilience Working Group.