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About ASH

Reimbursement Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Samuel  M. Silver, MD, PhD, FRCP

Appointed Members
Steven  L. Allen, MD  ('24)
Paul  A. S. Fishkin, MD  ('25)
Laahn  H. Foster, MD  ('26)
Ellen Fraint, MD  ('26)
Samantha  M. Jaglowski, MD, MPH  ('26)
Amar  Harry Kelkar, MD  ('25)
Taiga Nishihori, MD  ('24)
Girindra Raval, MD  ('27)
Bipin  N. Savani, MD  ('26)
Anand Tandra, MD  ('24)
Kelly  J. Walkovich, MD  ('24)

Gregory Abel, MD, MPH  ('26)  - Committee on Quality
Chancellor  E. Donald, MD  ('25)  - Alternate Advisor to AMA CPT Advisory Committee
Amar  Harry Kelkar, MD  - Alternate Representative to AMA RUC
Mary-Elizabeth  M. Percival, MD  ('25)  - Chair, Committee on Practice

Staff Liaison
Carina Smith

Committee Mandate

The Reimbursement Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Committee on Practice, ensures that ASH addresses federal legislation and regulation affecting reimbursement for practicing clinical hematologists.


The Reimbursement Subcommittee focuses on securing appropriate physician reimbursement for cognitive services, such as increasing payment for evaluation and management (E/M) services, as well as expanding educational efforts for ASH members on coding and reimbursement. The subcommittee focuses on the annual proposed rules impacting physician reimbursement, the Inpatient Prospective Payment System, the Physician Fee Schedule, the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System, and the Quality Payment Program. The subcommittee advises the Committee on Practice on all reimbursement-related issues by formulating positions on pending federal legislation, regulatory, local Medicare coverage, and occasionally, private insurance developments. The subcommittee also works to identify other specialty professional organizations that would be interested in working with ASH on these issues.


Reimbursement Subcommittee members are expected to participate in scheduled conference calls, attend a meeting during the ASH annual meeting, attend the Annual Hematology and Oncology Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC) Network Meeting, and attend additional meetings as necessary. Subcommittee members review new hematology-specific Current Procedural Technology (CPT) code requests from the American Medical Association (AMA) and requests from the Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC) of the AMA.


The Reimbursement Subcommittee structure includes the following liaison positions:


·         Chair, Committee on Practice

·         Member, Committee on Quality

·         ASH Representative and Alternate Representative to AMA RUC

·         Advisor and Alternate Advisor to AMA CPT Advisory Committee

·         Representative to American College of Physicians (ACP) Subspecialty Advisory Group on Socioeconomic Affairs (SAGSA)


Members of the Reimbursement Subcommittee serve staggered four-year renewable terms (unless otherwise indicated).


The Chair of the Reimbursement Subcommittee serves as a liaison member of the Committee on Practice and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.