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About ASH

Committee on Quality

Committee Roster

Adam Cuker, MD  ('23)

Appointed Members
Gregory Abel, MD, MPH  ('26)
Donald  M. Arnold, MD  ('23)
Amy Billett, MD  ('23)
Adam  F. Binder, MD  ('26)
Rachel  J. Cook, MD  ('25)
Craig  C. Hofmeister, MD  ('23)
Reem Karmali, MD, MSc  ('25)
Michael  K. Keng, MD  ('26)
Robert  I. Liem, MD  ('23)
Yulia Lin, MD  ('23)
Matthew  J. Matasar, MD, MS  ('25)
Jori May, MD  ('24)
Cindy Neunert, MD  ('26)
Jacquelyn  M. Powers, MD  ('24)
Rachel Rosovsky, MD  ('24)
Surbhi Shah, MD  ('26)

Ex Officio Members
Belinda Avalos, MD  ('25)  - Vice President
Robert  A. Brodsky, MD  ('23)  - President
Mohandas Narla, DSc  ('24)  - President-Elect

Matthew Cheung, MD, MSc  ('23)  - Chair, Guideline Oversight Subcommittee
Oladipo Cole, MD, MBA  ('24)  - Trainee Council
Jean  M. Connors, MD  ('23)  - Committee on Practice
David  H. Henry, MD  ('23)  - Committee on Communications
Ming Y  Y. Lim, MBBChir  ('24)  - Chair, Subcommittee on Stewardship and Systems-based Hematology
Kah Poh (Melissa) Loh, MD  ('23)  - Committee on Educational Affairs
Heather Male, MD  ('24)  - Committee on Government Affairs
Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA  ('24)  - Chair, the Quality Measure Oversight Subcommittee
Jennifer Rothman, MD  ('26)  - Publications Committee
Jamile  M. Shammo, MD  ('24)  - Executive Committee, Councillor in Clinical Practice
Julian Sprague, MD, PhD  ('23)  - Committee on Training
William  A. Wood, MD, MPH  - Chair, Data Hub Oversight Group

Staff Liaison
Robert Plovnick, MD, MS

Committee Mandate

The Committee on Quality promotes the highest quality care of patients with hematologic diseases and is responsible for overseeing and implementing the ASH Executive Committee-approved quality initiative, including but not limited to the development of clinical practice guidelines; tools and resources to aid dissemination and implementation of the guidelines including pocket guides, teaching slide sets, clinical pathways, patient versions, educational modules, and adaptation efforts; quality performance measures; quality toolkits; educational programming during the ASH annual meeting; promotion of research in quality and health care outcomes among hematologist and others; response to policy-related efforts and representing the Society at quality forums and meetings. Members of this committee may not be employees or owners of Ineligible Companies, as defined by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

The Committee on Quality oversees the work of the Guideline Oversight Subcommittee, the Quality Measure Oversight Subcommittee, the Subcommittee on Quality Improvement Education and Training, and the Subcommittee on Stewardship and Systems-based Hematology. The Guideline Oversight Subcommittee oversees commissioning and production of clinical practice guidelines and is responsible for assessing gaps in hematologic guidelines to determine where ASH needs to promulgate new guidelines and where and how ASH might partner and/or endorse guidelines developed by other organizations. The Quality Measure Oversight Subcommittee coordinates the identification, prioritization, development, and management of a set of quality measures which aim to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of hematology care that patients receive. The Subcommittee on Stewardship and Systems-based Hematology develops programs, publications, and other activities designed to further ASH’s goal of promoting appropriate use of tests and procedures, including, but not limited to, the oversight of all activities related to ASH’s participation in the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation’s Choosing Wisely campaign.

To allow for continual crosscutting dialogue with other standing committees, the Committee on Quality structure includes liaison positions from the following committees:

  • Committee on Communications
  • Committee on Educational Affairs
  • Executive Committee (Councillor in Clinical Practice)
  • Committee on Government Affairs
  • Publications Committee
  • Committee on Practice
  • Committee on Training
  • Trainee Council

The chairs of the Guideline Oversight Subcommittee, Quality Measure Oversight Subcommittee, and Subcommittee on Stewardship and Systems-based Hematology as well as a member of the ASH Research Collaborative Data Hub Oversight Group also serve as liaison members of the Committee on Quality.

Members of the Committee on Quality are required to participate in occassional meetings at ASH Headquarters, monthly conference calls, and workgroups as needed, and will be called upon to respond to written requests related to the quality agenda.

The Chair of the Committee on Quality serves as a liaison member of the Media Experts Subcommittee, Program Committee, Quality Measure Oversight Subcommittee, and Subcommittee on Systems-Based Hematology and is expected to attend the meetings of those committees. A member of the Committee on Quality serves as a liaison member of the Reimbursement Subcommittee and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.