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About ASH

Nominating Committee

Committee Roster

Michael  L. Linenberger, MD  ('24)

Appointed Members
Roshini  Sarah Abraham, PhD  ('25)
Linda  J. Burns, MD  ('25)
John  D. Crispino, PhD  ('24)
Michael  R. DeBaun  ('26)
Laura  M. Decastro, MD  ('26)
Norbert Gattermann, MD  ('25)
James  N Kochenderfer, MD  ('24)
Kellie Machlus, PhD  ('25)
Sarah  H. O'Brien, MD, MSc  ('25)

Staff Liaison
LaFaundra Neville-Ingram, CAP

Committee Mandate

The Nominating Committee identifies candidates for election as ASH Officers and Councillors. (Members of the Nominating Committee cannot be election candidates during their term on the committee.) Candidates are recommended based on their professional credentials and leadership attributes appropriate to the position as well as their commitment to ASH as demonstrated through prior service to the Society.


The Nominating Committee also recommends candidates for vacant committee positions to the President-Elect. The committee seeks career level, geographic, institutional, gender, and expertise balance for all committees. When deliberating about committees that require specific expertise, the committee may make concessions in the other areas to ensure those unique needs are met. The committee has a standard operating procedure to only reappoint committee members who have performed exceptionally well and are critical to the committee's current activities, based on the explicit recommendation of the committee chair.


As mandated in the ASH Bylaws, the membership of the Nominating Committee consists of:


  • 8 at-large members (including one who serves as chair)
  • 1 current Councillor (2nd or 3rd year only)
  • 1 Past President

The chair of the Nominating Committee is typically appointed from members who have served on the committee for at least one year. The at-large members serve three-year, staggered terms. The Councillor and past President serve two-year terms and are appointed in alternating years.


Members of the Nominating Committee are required to attend a 1.5-day committee meeting held in the summer at ASH Headquarters (or virtually) and participate in conference calls if necessary.


A member of the Nominating Committee serves as a liaison to the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.