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About ASH

MRI Programs Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Margo  Renee Rollins, MD  ('27)

Vice Chair
Anita D'Souza, MD  ('27)

Appointed Members
Imo Akpan, MD  ('26)
Satiro  N. De Oliveira, MD  ('25)
Adolfo  Enrique Diaz Duque, MD  ('26)
Ann-Kathrin Eisfeld, MD  ('24)
Yolanda Fortenberry  ('26)
Nada Hamad, MBBS, MSc, BSc  ('25)
Gabriela Hobbs, MD  ('26)
Anandi Krishnan, PhD  ('26)
Randolph Lyde, PhD  ('26)
Ajay Major, MD, MBA  ('25)
Jorge Monge, MD  ('25)
Khanh  Phuong Nguyen, MD  ('26)
Sandrine Niyongere, MD  ('25)
Joanna Robles, MD  ('25)
Jenny Ruiz, MD  ('25)
Luisanna  Mireya Sanchez Ventura, MD  ('26)
Vanessa  Marie Scanlon, PhD  ('25)
Thomas  K. Schulz, MD  ('25)
Mamie  Myo Thant, MD, MS  ('25)

Staff Liaison
Patricia Frustace

Committee Mandate

The Minority Recruitment Initiative (MRI) Programs Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, oversees all aspects of the MRI portfolio including awards administration, evaluation (including review of awardee progress), program refinements, mentoring, proposal development, and marketing and outreach. The subcommittee oversees the MRI Programs Study Section and subcommittee members are expected, but not required, to participate in at least one study section during their term.


The MRI Programs Subcommittee also manages the Promoting Minorities in Hematology event and sponsors the MRI Luncheon – both held during the ASH annual meeting – to provide minority hematologists and trainees with networking opportunities.


The membership of the MRI Programs Subcommittee includes:


·         Chair

·         Vice Chair

·         At least 8 additional members, at least one of whom holds a PhD


Members of the MRI Programs Subcommittee – including the chair and vice chair – serve staggered four-year terms (unless otherwise indicated) with the option for an additional term. Members are expected to participate in conference calls and communicate via email as necessary.


The chair of the MRI Programs Subcommittee serves as a liaison member of the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.