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About ASH

Metrics Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Eric Tse, PhD, MBBS  ('23)

Appointed Members
Catherine Chunda-Liyoka, MD, MSc  ('23)
Mats Heyman, MD, PhD  ('23)
Nisrine Khoubila, MD  ('23)

Shashikant Apte, MD, FRCPA  - Current Liaison from HVO Steering Committee to IMC

Staff Liaison
Erin Sheek

Committee Mandate

The Metrics Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the International Members Committee (IMC), is responsible for developing metrics and conducting periodic evaluations for the following programs under IMC purview:

  • Visitor Training Program (VTP)
  • Latin American Training Program (LATP)
  • Partnership with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)

The Metrics Subcommittee reviews the existing metrics and evaluation procedures for each program and recommends new strategies for these processes as neeeded. The Subcommittee is tasked with reviewing evaluations for the programs in advance of the December IMC meeting each year and preparing a brief report to be included in the IMC meeting materials. The Chair of the Metrics Subcommittee provides a summary of the report and a status update on the work of the Subcommittee during the December IMC meeting.

The Metrics Subcommittee structure includes members who have previous experience with each of the programs. The membership of the Subcommittee includes:

  • Chair
  • Current Liaison from HVO Steering Committee to IMC
  • 3 current members of IMC

Members of the Metrics Subcommittee serve 1-year terms (renewable up to three years) and are required to participate in conference calls and email discussion throughout the year as well as the two IMC meetings in June and December.