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About ASH

International Members Committee

Committee Roster

Phoebe Joy Ho, MBBS  ('25)

Appointed Members
Miguel  Raul Abboud, MD  ('24)
Catherine  Mupela Chunda-Liyoka, MD, MSc  ('24)
Raul Cordoba, MD, PhD  ('25)
Anna  Paulina Dabrowska-Iwanicka, MD  ('27)
Torsten Haferlach, MD, PhD  ('25)
Mats Heyman, MD, PhD  ('27)
Naoki Hosen, MD, PhD  ('27)
Nisrine Khoubila, MD  ('24)
Daihong Liu, MD  ('26)
Vikram Mathews, MD  ('27)
Ana  Carolina Oliver, MD  ('25)
Corrine Sin Quee-Brown, MBBS, FAAP  ('25)
Eric Tse, PhD, MBBS  ('26)
Soledad  S. Undurraga, MD  ('26)

Ex Officio Members
Belinda Avalos, MD  ('25)  - President-Elect
Mohandas Narla, DSc  ('24)  - President
Robert Negrin, MD  ('26)  - Vice President

Theresa  L. Coetzer, PhD  - HVO Hematology Steering Committee
Charlotte  Marie Niemeyer, MD  ('26)  - International Councillor
Enrico Novelli, MD  - Member, CONSA

Staff Liasons
Michelle Lara, MA
Martha Liggett

Committee Mandate

The International Members Committee serves as a means through which leaders of hematology outside of North America can exchange ideas and provide advice to the Executive Committee on concerns about the Society’s scientific and educational programs. The committee also makes suggestions to the Nominating Committee about the various committees of the Society that may benefit from having international members serve as committee members and makes recommendations for potential members.


The International Members Committee oversees the international efforts of the Society, including:


  • the International Outreach Initiative (IOI) through which ASH distributes educational materials to developing countries;
  • the Visitor Training Program that provides clinical and laboratory training opportunities to hematology-related professionals from developing countries;
  • the International Consortium on Acute Leukemia (ICAL), which is an educational initiative that brings together clinicians and researchers from developing countries for the implementation of a standard of care for the treatment of AL; and
  • ASH’s relationship with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) to provide opportunities for hematologists to provide training and education in developing countries.

 The International Members Committee reviews the portfolio of ASH global programs and services and makes recommendations for communicating them to the International members and relevant constituents.


The International Members Committee structure includes the International Councillor, a member of the HVO Hematology Steering Committee, and a member of the Consortium on Newborn Screening in Africa (CONSA) as liaison members.


Members of the International Members Committee are expected to attend two meetings per year: one in the summer in conjunction with the European Hematology Association annual congress and one prior to the ASH annual meeting.


The chair of the International Members Committee serves as a liaison member of the Program Committee and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee. A member of the International Members Committee serves as a liaison member of the Awards Committee and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.