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Standing Committees

Hematology Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Srikanth Nagalla, MBBS

Appointed Members
Michael  L. Linenberger, MD
Alice  D. Ma, MD
Miriam Osei, MD, MPH
Caroline  I Piatek, MD
Allyson Pishko, MD
Ted Wun, MD

Rakhi  P. Naik, MD  - Chair, HFFTP Consortium

Staff Liaison
Gina Moses

Committee Mandate

The ASH Hematology-Focused Fellowship Training Program (HFFTP) aims to strengthen the next generation of hematologists, with the goal of producing 50 new academic hematologists by 2030. The Hematology-Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee – under the auspices of the Committee on Training – consists of fellowship directors, medical educators, and both past and current Trainee Council members who offer expertise in medical education, best practices in fellowship training, and evaluating program data to oversee the progress of the HFFTP fellowship tracks. The chair of the HFFTP Consortium serves as a liaison member of the subcommittee. Members of the subcommittee are required to participate in conference calls throughout the year and attend at least one meeting annually.


The chair of the Hematology-Focused Fellowship Steering Subcommittee serves as a liaison member of the Committee on Training and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.