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About ASH

Global Research Award Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Theresa  L. Coetzer, PhD  ('26)
Sin Tiong Ong, MD  ('25)

Appointed Members
Emmanuela  Eusebio Ambrose, MD  ('25)
Vivien Chen, MBBS, PhD  ('24)
Roberta Demichelis, MD  ('25)
Paolo Gallipoli, MD  ('25)
Eleni Gavriilaki, MD, PhD  ('25)
Hideo Harigae, MD  ('25)
Neeraj Jain, PhD  ('25)
Armand Keating, MD  ('25)
Ana  Carolina Oliver, MD  ('24)
France Pirenne, MD, PhD  ('24)
Ali Taher, MD, PhD, FRCP  ('25)
Fabiola Traina, MD, PhD  ('25)
Eric Tse, PhD, MBBS  ('24)

Nisrine Khoubila, MD  ('24)  - International Members Committee

Staff Liaison
Vonnie Calemine, MA

Committee Mandate

The Global Research Award Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Awards Committee, provides consideration on various aspects of the Global Research Award, such as the administration, evaluation (including review of awardee progress), exploration of program refinements, and conduct of the letter of intent review and study section.


The Global Research Award Subcommittee is comprised of members with expertise of the various geographic regions of the world served by the award (e.g., Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia). The membership of the subcommittee includes:


·         Two co-chairs (recommended by chair of Awards Committee)

·         Liaison from International Members Committee – term congruent with service on parent committee

·         At least six additional members who are past or current members of International Members Committee or who have international perspective and familiarity with ASH programs

·         One junior member from each region (ideally a past Global Research Award recipient) to learn about ASH service and the study section process


The co-chairs of the Global Research Award Subcommittee serve staggered three-year terms with the option for an additional term. They also serve as liaison members of the Awards Committee and are expected to attend the meetings of that committee.


Members of the Global Research Award Subcommittee serve two-year staggered terms (unless otherwise indicated) with the option for an additional term. Terms on the subcommittee run on an academic calendar year (July 1-June 30). Members are expected to attend two meetings (typically in June in conjunction with the European Hematology Association (EHA) annual congress and in December in conjunction with the ASH annual meeting), participate in conference calls, and communicate via email, as necessary.


The members of the Global Research Award Subcommittee serve as the Global Research Award Study Section. The study section reviews applications, provides critiques and/or feedback as appropriate, and makes recommendations for recipients of the Global Research Award. The Awards Committee oversees the work of the study section and makes funding recommendations to the ASH Executive Committee, which serves as the ultimate arbiter for questions from the study section related to eligibility.


ASH study section members should have a broad knowledge of the field of hematology to adequately contribute to deliberations regarding applicants. Composition is determined by the study section chair based on the following considerations:


·         the relevant pool of applicants/nominees

·         the self-declared subject matter expertise of the volunteers

·         volunteer eligibility

·         study section diversity (i.e., gender, institution, geography, race, and ethnicity)


As needed, ad hoc reviewers (individuals from the approved list of ASH members eligible to serve on an ASH study section) serve on the Global Research Award Study Section.

Study section members are required to adhere to deadlines, follow review instructions, and handle tasks via the society’s online award system. The study section review culminates in an in-person meeting – one held before in June before the EHA annual congress and the other in December before the ASH annual meeting. Study section members are required to participate in the discussion, adhering to the ASH Conflict of Interest Policy and relevant procedures. Commitments for the Global Research Award Study Section occur twice a year: for the letter of intent (September to December) and for the applications phase (April to June).