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About ASH

Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Committee Roster

Alison  R. Walker, MD, MBA, MPH  ('24)

Vice Chair
Alex  Francisco Herrera, MD  ('24)

Appointed Members
Allistair Abraham, MD  ('24)
Staci  D. Arnold, MD, MBA, MPH  ('25)
Brandon Blue, MD  ('25)
Gregory  Sampang Calip, PhD, PharmD, MPH  ('26)
Blachy  J. Davila Saldana, MD  ('25)
Marcos de Lima, MD  ('25)
Srinivas  S. Devarakonda, MD  ('26)
Warren Fingrut, MD  ('26)
Beatrice Gee, MD  ('27)
Kalpna Gupta, PhD  ('25)
Monique Hartley-Brown, MD  ('25)
E. Leila  Jerome Jerome Clay, MD  ('24)
Frederick Lansigan, MD  ('26)
Rakesh Mehta, MD  ('27)
Jonathan Moreira, MD  ('25)
Oreofe  O. Odejide, MD, MPH  ('27)
Kerice  A. Pinkney, MD  ('27)
Rayne  H. Rouce, MD  ('26)
Melody Smith, MD, MS  ('26)
Noha Soror, MD, MSc  ('24)
Georgia  B. Vogelsang, MD  ('25)
Rahma Warsame, MD  ('24)
David  S. Wilkes, MD  ('27)

Ex Officio Members
Belinda Avalos, MD  ('25)  - President-Elect
Mohandas Narla, DSc  ('24)  - President
Robert Negrin, MD  ('26)  - Vice President

Glaivy Batsuli, MD  - Co-Chair, Women in Hematology Working Group
Lisa  Kristine Hicks, MD, MSc  ('26)  - Health Equity Task Force Co-Chair
Abner Louissaint, MD, PhD  ('25)  - Publications Committee
Kellie Machlus, PhD  ('25)  - Nominating Committee
Ruben  A. Mesa, MD  ('26)  - Health Equity Task Force Co-Chair
Arturo Molina, MD, MS  - ASH Representative to AMFDP NAC
Margo  Renee Rollins, MD  ('27)  - Chair, MRI Programs Subcommittee
Bethany Samuelson Bannow, MD  - Co-Chair, Women in Hematology Working Group

Staff Liaison
Patricia Frustace

Committee Mandate

The Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is responsible for leading efforts to achieve the commitments delineated in the ASH DEI statement.


The work of the Committee on DEI includes:


·           Establishing the vision and strategy for achieving ASH’s DEI priorities.

·           Strengthening ASH’s awareness and understanding of the issues that drive the need for DEI work and ensuring that ASH remains on the forefront of this work.

·           Understanding and disseminating DEI best practices throughout ASH committees and programs.

·           Identifying opportunities for accelerating DEI within the field.

·           Advising peer committees on gaps and opportunities for achieving DEI priorities.

·           Advocating for ASH DEI efforts and priorities within peer networks to increase awareness and engagement in this work.

·           Measuring the impact of on-going DEI efforts.


The Committee on DEI structure includes at least two ASH members who have a PhD designation (to ensure that the interests of this constituency are represented) as well as the following liaison members:


·           Nominating Committee member (term congruent to service on parent committee)

·           Publications Committee member (term congruent to service on parent committee)

·           ASH representative to Amos Medical Faculty Development Program National Advisory Committee

·           Chair of MRI Programs Subcommittee (under purview of Committee on DEI)

·           Co-Chairs of Health Equity Task Force (under auspices of Committee on DEI)

·           Co-chairs of Women in Hematology Working Group


Members of the Committee on DEI are required to attend two meetings per year: one in the spring and one in the fall. They are further expected to directly engage in individual and small group projects at the direction of the chair. Finally, they are expected but not required, to participate in at least one MRI study section during their term.


The chair of the Committee on DEI serves as a liaison member of the Program Committee and the Media Experts Subcommittee and is expected to attend the meetings of those committees. Members of the committee serves as liaison members of the Awards Committee; Committee on Government Affairs; Committee on Practice; Committee on Quality; Committee on Scientific Affairs; Committee on Training; ASH Ambassador Oversight Subcommittee; and Task Force on PhD Careers in Hematology and are expected to attend the meetings of those committees.


The Committee on DEI makes funding recommendations to the ASH Executive Committee which serves as the ultimate arbiter for funding approvals.