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About ASH

Awards Review Subcommittee

Committee Roster

Kerice  A. Pinkney, MD  ('24)

Appointed Members
Nitya Bakshi, MBBS, MS  ('25)
Jarrod  A. Dudakov, PhD  ('24)
Kira Gritsman, MD, PhD  ('25)
Kathleen  M. Sakamoto, MD, PhD  ('25)
Stefanie Sarantopoulos, MD, PhD  ('25)
Jordan  A. Shavit, MD, PhD  ('24)

Keith  B. Neeves, PhD  ('26)  - Committee on Scientific Affairs
David  B Sykes, MD, PhD  ('25)  - Chair, Training Awards Subcommittee

Staff Liaison
Allison Samis

Committee Mandate

The Awards Review Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Awards Committee, provides consideration on various aspects of the ASH career development awards portfolio such as the administration, evaluation (including review of awardee progress), and exploration of program refinements. The subcommittee provides oversight for the ASH Scholar Award and Bridge Grant Award Program.


The membership of the Awards Review Subcommittee includes:


·         Chair (recommended by Awards Committee Chair)

·         Liaison from Committee on Scientific Affairs – term congruent with service on parent committee

·         Current Training Awards Subcommittee Chair


The chair and members of the Awards Review Subcommittee serve staggered two-year terms (unless otherwise indicated) with the option for an additional term. Members are expected to participate in conference calls and communicate via email as necessary.


The chair of the Awards Review Subcommittee serves as a liaison member of the Awards Committee and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee.