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Standing Committees

Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence

Committee Roster

Aziz Nazha, MD  ('25)

Vice Chair
Torsten Haferlach, MD, PhD  ('25)

Appointed Members
Sanjay Ahuja, MD  ('27)
Olivier Elemento, PhD, MS, BS  ('25)
Barbara Lam, MD  ('27)
Shannon  K McWeeney, PhD  ('25)
Moses Miles, BA  ('25)
Roni Shouval, MD, PhD  ('27)

Advisory Member
Ilana Goldberg, PhD

Staff Liaison
Kelly Rose, PhD

Committee Mandate

The Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence, a subcommittee of the Committee on Scientific Affairs, aims to increase artificial intelligence (AI) proficiency in the hematology community and improve the quality of AI resources that are intended for all areas of hematology research. The subcommittee has been tasked with the following priorities:


·         Develop education on the application of AI to hematology and blood sciences (annual meeting session, webinars, online education, etc.).

·         Explore platforms to connect experts in hematology and blood science with experts in AI.

·         Participate in U.S. Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health projects to advance AI in hematology.

·         Work in coalition with other organizations, medical societies, and patient groups to address challenges in AI in health care that are not unique to hematology.

·         Increase impactful use of AI in hematology clinical practice in collaboration with relevant ASH committees.

·         Ensure the responsible and ethical application and testing of AI in both clinical and research settings within hematology.


Members of the Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence are appointed to four-year staggered terms (with the possibility of renewal once) and include experts focused on incorporating AI into various areas of hematology research, from basic, translational, clinical, and outcomes research. The chair and vice chair each serve two-year terms. The immediate past chair serves a one-year term on the subcommittee as a member. A member of the Committee on Scientific Affairs serves as a liaison for a term congruent to their service on the parent committee. One member position on the subcommittee is reserved for a trainee actively using AI, who serves as a liaison to the Trainee Council. Up to four non-member experts can be chosen from the AI community to serve as advisory members on the subcommittee as needed.


Members of the Subcommittee on Artificial Intelligence are required to participate in email discussions and regularly scheduled conference calls, and to meet in person as deemed necessary.