American Society of Hematology

Committee on Educational Affairs

Committee Roster

Michael L. Linenberger, MD ('19)

Vice Chair
Marc J. Kahn, MD, MBA ('19)

Appointed Members
Anjali Advani, MD ('22)
Jennifer R. Brown, MD, PhD ('21)
Eldad Dann, MD ('21)
James Foran, MD ('22)
Nobuko Hijiya, MD ('20)
Margaret Kasner, MD,MSc ('22)
Casey L. O'Connell, MD ('19)
Heather A. O'Leary, PhD ('19)
Miguel-Angel Perales, MD ('20)
Adriana Seber, MD ('21)
B. Douglas Smith, MD ('19)
Julie Stakiw, MD, FRCPC ('19)
Andrew D. Zelenetz, MD,PhD ('21)

Ex Officio Members
Stephanie J. Lee, MD, MPH ('20) - President-Elect
Roy L. Silverstein, MD ('19) - President
Martin S. Tallman, MD ('21) - Vice President

Jessica Altman, MD ('21) - Junior Editor, ASH-SAP7
Elisabeth Battinelli, MD, PhD ('19) - 2019 Education Program Co-Chair
Robert A. Brodsky, MD ('20) - Secretary
Adam Cuker, MD, MS ('22) - Executive Editor, Hematology and Senior Executive Editor, ASH-SAP7
Jason Gotlib, MD,MS ('19) - 2019 Education Program Co-Chair
Molly Weidner Mandernach, MD,MPH ('19) - Member, Committee on Practice

Staff Liaison
Carrie Smith

Committee Mandate

The Committee on Educational Affairs is responsible for overseeing the ASH continuing medical education (CME) program (including educational meetings and enduring materials), and ensuring compliance with the “Essential Areas and Elements” set forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). A major part of this responsibility is to evaluate the content and quality of the ASH annual meeting as well as the Friday Satellite Symposia; each committee member is expected to evaluate at least two sessions.  Members of the Committee on Educational Affairs are prohibited from participating in the Friday Satellite Symposia.  The Committee’s assessments are shared with the Education Program Co-Chairs and then the Program and Executive Committees. The Committee on Educational Affairs takes an advisory role in the planning of the Education Program of the annual meeting with the selection of individual session chairs resting with the current year’s Education Program Co-Chairs and approval by the Executive Committee. The Chairs of the Committee on Educational Affairs and Small Meetings Oversight Subcommittee assist in the preparation of materials for the re-accreditation application to the ACCME (every four to six years) for the ASH CME program.

The Committee on Educational Affairs, along with the Publications and Program Committees, has input into the development of Hematology, the ASH Education Program, and makes recommendations regarding its distribution. In addition, the Committee serves in an advisory role for other educational programs and materials including small meetings (such as the ASH Meeting on Hematologic Malignancies, Highlights of ASH, and Consultative Hematology Course) and educational publications (ASH Image Bank and ASH Self-Assessment Program (ASH-SAP)).

The Committee on Educational Affairs structure includes the following liaison positions:

  • Secretary
  • Current year’s Education Program Co-Chairs
  • Executive Editor, Hematology
  • Member, Committee on Practice
  • Senior and Junior Editors of published edition of ASH-SAP

Members of the Committee on Educational Affairs are required to attend two meetings per year: one in the summer at ASH Headquarters and one during the ASH annual meeting.

The Chair of the Committee on Educational Affairs serves as a liaison member of the Program Committee and is expected to attend the meetings of that committee. Members of the Committee on Educational Affairs serve as liaison members of the Committee on Communications, Publications Committee, and Small Meetings Oversight Subcommittee (of the Committee on Educational Affairs) and are expected to attend the meetings of those committees.

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