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About ASH

Staff Directory

Executive Office

Martha Liggett, Esq.
Executive Director

Matthew Gertzog, FASAE,MBA
Deputy Executive Director

LaFaundra Neville, CAP
Executive Administrator & Board Liaison

Tonya Harley
Manager, Executive Operations

Domonique Porter

Tiffany Williams
Administrative Coordinator

Global Programs

Michelle Lara, MA
Senior Manager, International Programs

Andrew Zapfel, MPH
Manager, International Programs & Alliances

Erin Sheek
Manager, International Programs

Marie Benoit
International Programs Specialist

Louanny Garcia
International Programs Coordinator

Information Technology

Karina Fernandez, MS
Chief Information Officer

Kevin Parker, MBA
Deputy Director, IT

Bryce Gaylor, MSIT
Senior Manager, Technology Integration

Alexandra Steinheimer
Senior Manager, Applications

Christopher Slye
Manager, Information Technology Projects

Brandi Suttles, MA
Manager, Information Technology Projects

Stephanie Franklin, BA
Manager, Data Integrity & Customer Service

Brienne Simien
Manager, Desktop Operations

Joann Devito
Information Technology, Consultant

Mirahertz Atem
Temp Staff-Help Desk Specialist


Jenifer Hamilton, CAE
Chief Communications Officer

Barry Black
Senior Manager, Marketing

Andrea Fischer, MSc
Deputy Director, Communications

Sean Loughlin
Senior Managing Editor- Communications

Melissa McGue
Manager, Communications

Graham Walker
Manager, Marketing Analytics

Colleen Costenoble
Marketing Operations Specialist

Janet Gao
Digital Content Specialist

Shalimar Juan Roman
Inbound Marketing Specialist

Erin Lenahan
Editorial Specialist ACN, Communications

Kira Sampson
Communications Specialist

IK David
Editorial Coordinator, Communications

Kaela Nelson
Project Coordinator, Communications

Jonah Stewart
Web Coordinator

Dylan Drobish
Temp Staff-Editorial Specialist, Communications

Professional Development and Diversity

Charlie Clayton
Chief Professional Development & Diversity Officer

Nathalie van Havre, MD,MS,FRACP
Deputy Chief Professional Development & Div. Officer


Ana Velarde, BS
Interim Director, Education

Michelle Thurston-Harvey, MA
Senior Manager, Education Programs

Amanda Canavatchel, MPH
Manager, Education Projects

Regina Gibson-Burtnick, BA
Manager, Continuing Medical Education

Moira Kraemer, MPH
Manager, Education Programs

Javier Rivera, MS
Education Programs Specialist


Robby Reynolds, MPA
Senior Director, Hematology Workforce & Career Development

Josel Fritz, MPH
Deputy Director, Career Development & Service

Gina Moses, MEd
Senior Manager, Hematology Recruitment & Retention

Annette Ben-Tzvi, MEd
Manager, Trainee Programs & Services

Piper Harmon, MA
Manager, Career Development & Programs

Priscilla Hudson
Online Learning Programs Specialist

Ricardo Melo Perez
Training Coordinator

Awards & Diversity Programs

Patricia Frustace
Senior Director, Awards & Diversity Programs

Lisa Fanning
Deputy Director, Diversity Programs

Vonnie Calemine, MA
Manager, Awards Programs

Allison Samis
Manager, Awards Programs

Careen Campbell Allen
Manager, Diversity Programs

Keelin Roche
Manager, Data Analysis & Program Evaluation

Eddrika Russell
Manager, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Projects

Joann Mazali
Awards Programs Specialist

Jeremiah Worrell
Awards Programs Operations Specialist

James David
Awards & Diversity Operations Coordinator

Franck Dewonou
Temp Staff-Health Equity Specialist

Finance & Administration

Tiffany Ake, MBA,CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Tamiko White, MBA,CPA
Deputy Director, Finance

Joyce Kingue, CPA

Charles Oboh
Senior Manager, Financial Reporting

Chasia Abwao-Konya
Senior Accountant

Marketa Widmer
Senior Accountant

Rosina Atsu
Accounting Coordinator

Air Iriaye
Sr. Accountant, Temporary

Eumala Braithwaite
Temp Staff-Accounting Coordinator (2)

ASH Foundation

Stephen Tanne, PhD
Director, ASH Foundation

Caitlynn McGuin
ASH Foundation Specialist

Business Services

Kim Benford
Senior Manager, Business Services

Rodney Hunter
Manager, Business Services

Business Development

Morgan Homer, BS
Manager, Business Development

Erin McMillen
Business Development Specialist

Government Relations & Practice

Suzanne Leous, MPA
Chief Policy Officer

Stephanie Kaplan
Deputy Director, Government Relations & Public Health

Tracy Roades
Senior Manager, Legislative Advocacy

Ramona Spencer
Manager, Sickle Cell Disease Programs

Katherine Stark
Manager, Policy & Practice

Carina Smith
Manager, Health Care Access Policy

Natalie Bates
Government Relations Specialist

Bethany Sheehan
Government Relations & Public Health Programs Coordinator

Marjani Cephus
Temp Staff-Sickle Cell Disease Programs Specialist


Bill Reed, FASAE, CMP
Chief Event Strategy Officer

Marshall Nayer, MBA
Deputy Director, Meetings

Nneka Iwuchukwu, MS
Manager, Meetings

Tammy Huber, MA, CMP
Manager, Meetings

Lori Beaston
Administrative Meetings Specialist

Janet Biddle
Consultant - J. Spargo

Kelly Cade
ASH Grants Manager, Consultant

Kristie Chang
Corporate Support Consultant

Kaitlyn Greene
Consultant - J. Spargo

Leona Zahn
Meetings and Events Consultant

Suzie Casal
Temp Staff-Meetings Specialist


Nina Hoffman Blatt
Chief Publications Officer

Glenn Landis, MA
Senior Director, Publications

Kenneth April
Senior Manager, Production

Keith Gigliello, MS
Deputy Director, Publications

Dax Rodulfa-Blemberg
Deputy Director, Editorial

Patrick Baggott
Senior Manager, Marketing & Permissions

Joanna Robertson
Senior Manager, Data Integrity, Publications

Gwen Travis, MA
Senior Manager, Digital Publications

Emily Arturo
Managing Editor, Blood

Brian Cannon, MBA
Manager, Graphics Projects

Daniel Lambert
Managing Editor, Blood Advances

Ebony Stewart
Manager, Annual Meetings Publications

Tiffany Clark, MPS
Managing Editor, Blood BVTH & BN

Tristan Coffelt
Manager, Production

Sylvia Landis
Publications & Production Specialist

Helen Okeke
Peer Review Specialist

Beah Thompson
Digital Publications Specialist

Jeremiah Murphy
Editorial Coordinator

Brenda Sidhe
Editorial Coordinator

Alison Beale
Meeting Publications Coordinator

Sera Johnson
Digital Publications Specialist, Temporary

Quality Improvement Programs

Robert Plovnick, MD,MS
Chief Medical Quality Officer

Emily Cahill, MPH
Deputy Director, Clinical Quality Improvement

Robert Kunkle
Deputy Director, Quality Improvement Programs

Patrick Irelan, MPhil, MPM, MA
Senior Manager, Clinical Quality Improvement

Susan Rogers
Senior Manager, Learning Community Programs

Sarah Paliani, MPH
Manager, Clinical Quality Improvement

Meghin Brooks, MPH
Practice Guidelines Specialist

Rachel Cohen, MPH
Practice Guidelines Specialist-

MJ Duckwitz
Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist

Vondlyn Howard
Quality Improvement Programs Coordinator

Scientific Affairs

Kelly Rose, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Alice Kuaban, MS
Deputy Director, Scientific Affairs

Joy Harvey
Manager, Science Education

Ashley Boyd
Science Education Specialist, Programs

Sharlene Steward
Science Education Specialist, Annual Meeting

Alexis Story
Scientific Affairs Program Coordinator

Human Resources

Dennis Sawyers, MSM-HRM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Chief Human Resources Officer

Chere Sanders, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Senior Manager, Human Resources

Gene Moore
Human Resources Specialist

Megan Cowman
Staffing and Recruitment

Amber Pereira
Payroll and Benefits Administration

ASH Research Collaborative

Matthew Gertzog, [email protected]
Executive Director

Chris Dowd
Deputy Director, Business Development ASH RC

Shell Walser, BA, PMP
Deputy Director, Operations

Kamille Turner
Manager, Projects ASH RC

Data Hub

Robert Plovnick, [email protected]
Chief Medical Quality Officer

Kathleen Hewitt, DNP,RN
Senior Director, Data Hub

Emily Semmel, MS
Deputy Director, Data Hub

Xingyao He
Senior Manager, Data Science

Rasheda Campbell
Manager, Client Services Accounts

Latoya Scales
Data Hub Program Coordinator

Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Trials Network

Justine Nicholas
Senior Manager, Sickle Cell Disease Programs Community Engagement

Leslie Sanchez
Sickle Cell Disease CTN Program Specialist