American Society of Hematology

Nominations for Leadership and Committee Positions

The deadline for submitting nominations for term year 2020 is May 31, 2019.  All nominations submitted after the deadline will be maintained in the nominations pool for consideration next year.

We need your help identifying "new blood!" ASH seeks a balanced committee membership that mixes bright, enthusiastic people with seasoned members interested in helping to lead our Society into the future. The Society encourages members to self-nominate, or recommend a colleague for one or more of the various leadership and committee service roles. Self-nominees are encouraged - although not required - to solicit the submission of at least one parallel nomination from a colleague or senior member for endorsement. This is especially helpful when a new or junior member is being introduced into committee service.

Nominations received are compiled and reviewed by the Nominating Committee in the summer. Based on this pool of nominees, the Nominating Committee makes its recommendations for elected and appointed positions. Active and International members in good standing are eligible to vote in the election for Officers and Councillors in September. In the meantime, the President-Elect makes the final appointments to standing and scientific committees with the approval of the Executive Committee.

All nominations must be submitted online using the ASH nominations submission system.

Committee members must be current ASH members and generally can only serve on one committee at a time. Terms for members of these committees begin January 1st.

NEW: At the 2015 ASH Annual Meeting, an ASH Bylaws amendment was approved allowing International members the right to (1) vote and (2) hold Councillor (not Officer) positions. The ASH leadership recognized the importance of providing this group of members with a greater voice in the decisions that will have an impact on the Society’s future. In September 2017, the ASH Executive Committee approved designating a Councillor position to be filled by an International member (effective in term year 2019). International members are encouraged to nominate themselves and/or other qualified ASH members for the open Councillor position and/or committee positions, and vote in the annual ASH election.

Executive Committee

The governing body of ASH that is charged with overseeing the affairs of the Society, formulating policy, approving or disapproving the recommendations or proposals of the ASH committees, and providing advice and approval or disapproval to the President and President-Elect in regard to committee and chair appointments.

  • Vice President
    One-year term (followed by terms as President-Elect and President)
    The Vice President serves as an Officer and voting member of the Executive Committee. The Vice President becomes President-Elect and President in succeeding years.
  • Secretary
    Four-year, non-renewable term
    The Secretary serves as an Officer and voting member of the Executive Committee. The Secretary oversees (1) the maintenance of a permanent record of Executive Committee meetings and (2) the annual abstract process.
  • Treasurer
    Four-year, non-renewable term
    The Treasurer serves as an Officer and voting member of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer oversees the financial concerns of ASH, including the development and presentation of budgets.
  • Councillors
    Four-year, non-renewable term
    Councillors serve as voting members of the Executive Committee, which includes eight Councillor positions with one designated for a member in clinical practice and one designated for an International member.

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Standing Committees

Four-year terms for members (except for Nominating Committee members, who serve two- and three-year terms) and two-year terms for chairs, limited to two consecutive terms

Standing committees recommend to the Executive Committee policies, programs, or actions in the areas of the committee's responsibility and implement those policies, programs, and actions approved by the Executive Committee.

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Scientific Committees

Four-year terms for members, one-year term for chairs, and one-year term for vice-chairs followed by one year term as chair

Each scientific committee is responsible for recommending to the Program Committee a scientific session, including potential topics, speakers, and moderators for the scientific program of the annual meeting. Members also build on ASH's expertise in basic and translational science to help define a research and policy agenda for hematology. The committees aid in the identification of opportunities for interdisciplinary research related to hematology by naming related scientific disciplines and by assisting with the recruitment of researchers in those fields to contribute to ASH programs and publications.

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