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ASH Research Registry

In 2017, ASH announced plans to develop a research-focused Data Hub that will harness the power of big data to conquer blood diseases worldwide. With early development activities currently underway, the ASH Research Collaborative (ASH RC) is focusing on building the core data collection infrastructure, actively exploring collaborative partnerships, and soliciting initial participants for the first two diseases, sickle cell disease and multiple myeloma.

With the launch of this unique registry, the ASH RC will play a vital role in advancing collaborative hematology research – by facilitating the exchange of information on rare diseases and providing investigators with actionable data to answer their critical research questions, thus accelerating the pace of new discoveries.

Over time, the Data Hub will expand to include new areas of focus, with the aim of addressing the landscape of malignant and non-malignant hematologic diseases.

Conquering Blood Diseases With Data

Watch the 360 video below to learn more about the ASH RC Data Hub. To enjoy the full experience, click the pan button in the upper left corner with your mouse, or swipe to pan left and right on your handheld device.


Please email any questions or comments about the Data Hub to [email protected], and visit ashresearchcollaborative.org to learn more about the ASH Research Collaborative.