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Hematology Fellows and Junior Faculty Participate in 2016 ASH Clinical Research Training Institute in Latin America

(WASHINGTON – April 29, 2016) The American Society of Hematology (ASH) has announced the names of 27 hematologists participating in the 2016 ASH Clinical Research Training Institute in Latin America (CRTI-LA). This education and mentorship program was held on April 27-28, 2016, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, prior to the Society’s Highlights of ASH meeting in Latin America. This program is designed to prepare current hematology fellows and junior faculty members working in Latin America for careers in clinical research.

During the two-day program, ASH member experts from around the world introduced CRTI-LA participants to the fundamentals of clinical trial design through educational sessions on topics such as biostatistics, developing clinical research questions, and writing an abstract and manuscript for publication. Small group breakout sessions allowed participants to network and discuss potential projects one-on-one with CRTI-LA faculty.

“ASH is pleased to provide hematologists in Latin America with this unique opportunity to advance their clinical research careers and improve hematology care in the region with the help of an ASH mentor,” said ASH President Charles S. Abrams, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania.

The 2016 CRTI-LA participants are:

Recipients Institutions
Daniela Almeida, MD

Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lavinia Bergier, MD

Instituto Nacional Do Cancer – INCA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Virginia Bradvica, MD

Hospital de Clínicas
Montevideo, Uruguay

Erika Brulc, MD

Buenos Aires Italian Hospital
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Willem Bujan, MD

Hospital Mexico, University of Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica

Marcos Paulo Colella, MD

University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
São Paulo, Brazil

Manuela Costa, MD

Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE)
Recife, Brazil

Daniela Ivanna Cuns, MD

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria dos Santos, MD

Hospital de Clínicas Universidad de la Republica
Montevideo, Uruguay

Claudio Dufour, MD

Navy Hospital Buenos Aires / Belgrano Hospital
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Karla Espinosa Bautista, PhD

Instituto Nacional de Cancerología (INCAN)
Ciudad de México, Mexico

Kleber Fertrin, MD, PhD

University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
São Paulo, Brazil

Cristobal Frutos Ortiz, MD

Hospital Central Instituto de Prevision Social
Asunción, Paraguay

Sebastian Galeano, MD

Hospital Britanico
Montevideo, Uruguay

Eduardo Gerk, MD

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sergio Gomez, MD

Hospital de Niños Sor Maria Ludovica La Plata
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Camila Guidali, MD

Hospital Maciel
Montevideo, Uruguay

Virginia Lema, MD

Hospital de Clinicas “Dr Manuel Quintela”
Montevideo, Uruguay

Elena Lisott, MD

Ciudad Hospitalaria Enrique Tejera and University of Carabobo
Carabobo, Venezuela

Tatiana Monteiro, MD

CEPON / Hemosc
Florianópolis, Brazil

Melissa Morales Coloma, MD

Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati Martins (HNERM)
Lima, Peru

Ingrid Ordoñez, MD

Hospital Universitario de Caracas
Caracas, Venezuela

Marlies Pizarro-Perea, MD

Hospital E. Rebagliati Martins
Lima, Peru

Fernanda Seguro, MD

Hospital das Clinicas da FMUSP
São Paulo, Brazil

Bianca Stefanello, MD

Federal University of Paraná
Curitiba, Brazil

Jule Vasquez, MD

Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas
Lima, Peru

Fiorella Villano, MD

Hospital de Clínicas
Montevideo, Uruguay

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