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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

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Reed Drews"As a practicing hematologist-oncologist for more than 3 decades and as former PD of our combined Hematology-Oncology Fellowship for nearly a quarter century, my greatest passion has been teaching hematology to learners at all levels and sharing the beauty of this vast field. Our program has a strong record of graduating card-carrying hematologists, not only in hematologic malignancies, but most excitingly in classical hematology, where there is an unmet need at the national level. With the wonderful support of the American Society of Hematology, we are now able to offer a hematology-focused track to help train our next generation of leaders."

Reed Drews, MD, ASH HFFTP Associate Program Director
Contact: [email protected]  

Deepa Rangachari"The American Society of Hematology’s Hematology Focused Fellowship Program provides an exceptional opportunity to expand our dynamic training environment, helping fellows to become outstanding physician-investigators. We look forward to welcoming future leaders into our community, nurturing and advancing their careers and the field through exposure to clinical rigor, innovative science, and mastery of the art of hematology."

Deepa Rangachari, MD, ASH HFFTP Program Director
Contact: [email protected]  

The hallmark of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Hematology-Oncology Fellowship has been its immersive first year clinical experience that makes first year fellows the primary physicians for patients with a longitudinal relationship while simultaneously having a consistent longitudinal attending preceptor for the patient. We intend to preserve this structure, which we believe is a cornerstone of the clinical excellence of our graduates, while replacing the longitudinal oncology experiences with an enhanced array of hematology training experiences. The existing first year fellowship contains seven half-day hematology or oncology clinics, including one in non-malignant hematology and one in malignant hematology.  We intend to replace the remaining five oncology clinics with additional hematology clinics, each being with a different preceptor with a different clinical focus within hematology.

During years two and three of fellowship, multiple training pathways (Tracks) are offered, including Physician-Scientist, Clinical Investigation, Clinician-Educator, and Systems-Based Hematology and Safety/QI.  These tracks are not mutually exclusive and can be mixed and matched (major focus/minor focus) based upon a particular career interest.  Additional elective experiences can be selected that support the career pathway.