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Obstetrics-Pediatrics: Learning Objectives

Medical Importance

The physiology of pregnancy stresses the hematopoietic system. The effects of pregnancy on blood volume, nutritional needs for red cell production, and thrombotic/bleeding risks are important. The newborn has a unique hematopoietic profile that evolves with maturation. This profile serves as a basis for understanding the pathophysiology of inherited hemolytic diseases and congenital anemias.


  1. Describe the changes which result in the physiologic anemia of pregnancy.
  2. Describe nutritional causes and mechanisms of anemia that develops during pregnancy.
  3. List a differential diagnosis for thrombocytopenia in pregnancy and recognize those which require urgent medical intervention.
  4. Describe the impact pregnancy has on hemostasis and thrombosis.
  5. Describe the normal development of the human immune system from birth to 12 months.
  6. Describe the hematologic nutritional requirements of the newborn and the impact of breastfeeding on these requirements.