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ASH Ambassador Program

Dr. Leslie Ellis, MD helps trainees at the 2023 ASH-a-Palooza event.

Growing the Next Generation of Hematologists

The ASH Ambassador program is designed to support recruitment and retention of trainees into hematology by encouraging medical students to learn about ASH career development and training programs.

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About the ASH Ambassador Program

ASH strives to develop innovative recruitment strategies and resources that resonate with trainees, pre-med students, medical students, residents, and fellows. We're dedicated to fostering a diverse community of hematologists, shaping the future of hematology education, and advancing the field for generations to come. ASH Ambassadors play a pivotal role in this mission by:

 Inspiring and engaging students into the medical specialty of hematology and its career pathways.

 Collaborating with the Student Affairs Office at their DO or MD medical school to establish Student Interest Groups (SIGs) that will serve as hubs for learning, networking, and collaboration among future hematologists.

 Sharing knowledge and experiences to guide the next generation of healthcare professionals toward rewarding careers in hematology.


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ASH Ambassador Podcast

Listen to The Hematologist Podcast to hear Editor-in-Chief Shaji Kumar, MD, speak with ASH Ambassador Oversight Committee Chair Leslie Ellis, MD, about the ASH Ambassador Program.

Becoming an ASH Ambassador Faculty Advisor offers a unique opportunity to engage with students and residents in a meaningful manner. By sharing your passion for hematology, you can shape the future of our workforce while offering invaluable leadership and mentorship to your learners.

Leslie R. Ellis, MD / ASH Ambassador Oversight Committee Chair

Eligibility and Commitments

To be eligible, you must be a current ASH member who is in good standing. You must remain an ASH member in good standing for the length of your time as an ASH Ambassador at your current School of Medicine (SOM). If you choose to leave your current SOM, your role as ASH Ambassador does not roll forward. Only one (1) ASH Ambassador (faculty) per a U.S. Medical School that is LCME or COCA accredited may be selected and eligible to serve for one calendar year.

To be an effective ASH Ambassador, you must commit to:

If you have specific interest in contributing to any of the above activities or have other areas of interest that you believe will benefit the ASH Ambassador program and the medical students, please comment on these in your nominating letter.

The ASH Ambassador Program is an amazing opportunity for faculty to gain the skills and resources to better engage their learners to show them the wonders of Hematology, and hopefully entice them to pursue a career as hematologist.

Rakesh P. Mehta, MD / ASH Ambassador Oversight Committee Vice Chair

Application Instructions

The ASH Ambassador faculty candidate application package must include:

  • The applicant's current Curriculum Vitae
  • A 1,000-word self-nominating statement written by the candidate. This letter should include details and specific examples about what makes you best suited for the role of ASH Ambassador. Candidates should cite how they envision the role of an ASH Ambassador and give examples of current and recent successful events, number of attendees, and ultimate career goals pursued by attendees at their events, if present.
  • One letter of support. The letter of support should explain why, from the letter writer’s perspective, you are qualified to serve as an ASH Ambassador. Only one letter of support will be considered per candidate and must be from an ASH Fellow, ASH Member/Faculty member, ASH Councilor, or Executive Committee Member. If a candidate obtains more than one letter of support, the candidate will be asked to select one for submission.
  • Letter from your School of Medicine Academic Department Chair, indicating that you will have the time to support this activity and describe your fit and related experiences for the role. If you are a DO/MD and considered an affiliate or volunteer faculty status, you are eligible to apply. Please request a letter from the Department Chair or Faculty Member in charge of the curriculum at the medical school.
  • Before the application deadline, the applicant must complete or update their ASH Member Profile to provide updated demographic information. ASH is committed to achieving a just, equitable and inclusive culture at ASH by promoting and advancing DEI values through intentional initiatives and policies.

The application period is now closed.

Review Process, Selection, and Notification

The ASH Ambassador Oversight Subcommittee will evaluate all complete and submitted application packages, taking into consideration all aspects of candidates' geographical diversity as well as each candidate’s leadership, work experience with medical students, recruitment and outreach engagement with medical students, passion, and alignment for mentorship/championing the next generation of hematologists.

ASH volunteer involvement and potential contributions to the society’s goals tied to student interest groups include developing strategies, resources, and innovative opportunities for ASH-appointed ambassadors to recruit and mentor pre-med students, allopathic and osteopathic medical students, Internal Medicine residents, and Medicine-Pediatric residents to pursue lifelong careers in hematology.

Candidates will be notified of their selection by early June 2024 via email.


For more information about the ASH Ambassador program, please contact Gina Moses, MEd, Senior Manager, Hematology Recruitment & Retention
[email protected]