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Quality Improvement Training Institute (QITI)

The ASH Quality Improvement Training Institute (QITI) is a novel, 16 month-long, hybrid educational training program for North American-based care teams who practice hematology. The goal of the program is to train clinicians to be leaders in quality improvement and support continued assessment and improvement of patient experience, outcomes and equity in hematology.


     What Makes QITI Unique?

Each participating team will be paired with an expert Quality Improvement (QI) coach to guide them in implementing a high-priority QI project.

The program will accept 5 multidisciplinary care teams, each mandated to include one ASH member in good standing. Up to 3 team members will be invited to join the in-person QI training workshops at ASH Headquarters in Washington DC. Additional team members may join virtual training workshop sessions. 

Mandatory in-person and virtual training workshops will provide intensive training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for participants. Explore more about the workshop curriculum

Participants will work on developing their own clinical quality improvement projects, refining them through interaction with faculty, coaches, and peers, and applying QI concepts. View detailed information about QI project requirements

There is no fee to apply, and ASH will cover travel, lodging, and meal expenses for up to 3 team members participating in the in-person training workshops in Washington, DC.

Training Schedule

The mandatory training sessions listed below ensure that participants receive the full range of benefits offered through the QITI program.

 Location  Date
 Virtual Meeting via Zoom March 15, 2024
 In-person meeting at ASH headquarters in D.C. May 8-9, 2024 
 Virtual Meeting via Zoom July 22, 2024
 In-person meeting at ASH headquarters in D.C. January 2025
 Virtual Meeting via Zoom March 2025
 In-person meeting ASH headquarters in D.C. June 2025




   Application information
 Application Opens  November 6, 2023
 Application Ends  January 9, 2024
 Award Notification  February 1, 2024

The QITI application, including all supporting documents outlined below, must be submitted through the ASH online awards portal by January 9, 2024:

  • Applicant's Bios and CVs
  • Project Narrative (5 page limit)
  • Institutional Commitment Letter

Workshop Curriculum

During the mandatory in-person and virtual training workshops, participants are paired with experienced faculty members and coaches for training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Throughout these workshops, participants will develop their own clinical quality improvement projects. Teams will refine and revise their plans through interactive sessions with faculty, coaches, and peers, applying the QI concepts they have learned.


  • QI project proposals must directly involve clinical observation of human subjects.
  • The project submitted to QITI cannot be under consideration for or have been presented at any other similar clinical quality improvement training workshops.
  • Competitive QI project submissions should include one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrate a gap in quality and an opportunity for measurable impact (baseline data is preferred) .
  • Describe anticipated barriers and challenges and how they may be overcome.
  • Hypothesize changes that may be necessary to achieve success, including number of iterations anticipated and adjustment development/implementation.
  • Specify if the project involves collaboration or interaction across multiple departments.
  • Highlight unique and/or existing change strategies that may be well suited for this project.
  • Explain how your project concept addresses hematologic care quality and equity.
  • Describe how patient partners (if any) will be involved in the development and/or implementation.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting enrollment into the Quality Improvement Training Institute, you agree to:

  1. Participate in all in-person and virtual training workshops and adhere to program deadlines. 
  2. Give a PowerPoint presentation on your project proposal as outlined in the program curriculum. 
  3. Have regularly scheduled check-ins with your QITI Coach .
  4. Complete the ASH Conflict-of-Interest (COI) form and abide by the ASH COI policy .
  5. Execute a confidentiality agreement .
  6. Cite support from the American Society of Hematology in any publications resulting from the QITI project.  
  7. Respond to future inquiries from ASH regarding your career progression. 
  8. Acceptance into QITI cannot be transferred or deferred. 

Please note: ASH will pay for participants’ travel and hotel expenses to attend the in-person workshops; however, travel, hotel, and incidental expenses associated with attending the ASH annual meeting are the responsibility of the participant and/or the participant’s academic institution. Participants should make airline reservations through EWA Travel, ASH’s official travel agent. 


If you have questions or require additional information regarding the ASH Quality Improvement Training Institute, please contact [email protected].

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