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Qualified MIPS Registry

ASH has teamed up with Healthmonix, a 2017 Qualified MIPS Registry, to provide ASH members with the option to sign up to report data for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) through Healthmonix’s MIPSPRO. As an ASH member, you can choose from one of four packages – whether you want to report the minimum data to avoid penalties or choose to report on all three MIPS Performance Categories, Quality, Improvement Activities, and Advancing Care Information.

The four available packages include:

  • Lite: Participate in MIPS minimally and avoid CMS penalties.
  • Basic: Report MIPS Quality and qualify to earn CMS incentives.
  • Standard: Report MIPS Quality and Improvement Activities to maximize your CMS incentive.
  • Plus: Report MIPS for all categories and maximize your CMS incentives.

How to Get Started With MIPSPRO

To get started, simply register and choose your package. Watch the MIPSPRO demo to learn more about how everything works.

MIPSPRO will walk you through the measure selection process, ensuring you are meeting the appropriate requirements and will even tell you what it thinks the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will pick as your top six measures. Clinicians can choose to register and report individually, or a representative from a practice can report for multiple providers within that practice. Healthmonix will submit data directly to CMS.

Still not sure how MIPS impacts you as a clinician? Visit the Healthmonix MIPS Resource Library and the MIPS Learning Center to find out more.

Healthmonix will continually update their site and registry as CMS makes changes and adjustments to the Quality Payment Program.


The Healthmonix support team is available to answer any questions on MIPS and MIPSPRO. Call 1-888-720-4100 or email [email protected].