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The Systems-Based Hematologist

Hematologists across the country are defining new care paths, taking a team approach in large and small health-care systems. From working closely with surgeons on avoiding bleeding issues to managing care pathways for patients with chronic blood diseases, these new roles place the hematologist in a key role within the health-care system. ASH is examining these new roles in an effort to catalog the work of what is best described as the "systems-based hematologist." These efforts are not an attempt to define a role but to instead describe the breadth of work performed by hematologists throughout the country. As a first step, ASH worked with the well-known health-care consulting firm The Lewin Group to document early adopters of the systems-based approach to hematology.

Share Your Story

ASH invites all members to share practice models they have developed and examples of how they have collaborated with others to improve health-care outcomes, reduce complications, and eliminate unnecessary spending. ASH believes just as the blood flows throughout the body the expertise of hematology must flow throughout the health-care system.

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