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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Care

Celebrating Women's History Month

As we celebrate Women's History Month this March, ASH is highlighting the contributions of women to the field of hematology.

Women in Hematology Working Group

The group focuses on recognizing contributions of women to the field, providing networking and mentorship opportunities to women at all career levels, and identifying additional opportunities to enhance ASH’s support of women in hematology.

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Mentorship Webinar Celebrating Women’s History Month

Join ASH and a panel of esteemed women in hematology for an exciting webinar on mentorship, March 29, 2023, from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. ET. Hear real-life success stories from two mentor/mentee dyads who have strategically cultivated and maintained strong, long-lasting, and successful relationships within the hematology community through mentorship! Gain new insights to advance your professional career.

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Virtual Discussion: The Future of Women in Hematology

Dr. Jane N. Winter moderates a discussion with Drs. Tamara Dunn and Ariela Marshall on balancing professional careers with personal lives, gender and health disparities in hematology, and more.

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Podcast Series From Hematopoiesis: Women in Hematology

Part 1: A Changing Paradigm for Women in Medicine, With Dr. Nancy Berliner

From first female chief resident to chief of hematology, Dr. Berliner shares her career path and provides invaluable advice on mentorship and career advancement for women in hematology.

Part 2: Fearless Leadership — From Thrombosis to Infertility, With Dr. Ariela Marshall

Dr. Marshall who shares her experiences, including starting a new center to care for female patients, leading the Women in Hematology group at ASH, and advocating for those who struggle with infertility.

Part 3: An Inspirational Force, From International to Intersectionality, With Dr. Nada Hamad

Director of the Haematology Clinical Trials Unit at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Australia Dr. Hamad shares her experiences as a lymphoma/bone marrow transplant/cellular therapies clinician


Learn about ASH's commitment to combating inequities in medicine and embracing diverse voices across the patient and health care communities.

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"#SHEmatologists: Recap of Women in Hematology Working Group at #ASH22 and What’s Next"

Drs. Becky Zon and Xu Han highlight the ASH Women in Hematology Working Group activities at the ASH Annual Meeting and what is next on the horizon.

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